Stock up on baby wipes

By Mir
February 15, 2016

Still dealing with baby wipes? (I cannot recommend children who can attend to their own bathroom needs highly enough, but I hear it’s very hard to give birth to them at that stage….) Right now Amazon has a 6-pack of Seventh Generation Free and Clear Baby Wipes—384 in all—available for $14.99, which isn’t awful (about $.04/wipe), but also isn’t terribly exciting.

But… buy via Subscribe & Save for another 15% off and free shipping (if you’re at 5+ S&S items for the month)… plus there’s a clippable 20% off coupon. Combine the two, and you’re looking at just $9.74, or under $.03/wipe.

If you use ’em, this is a decent way to replenish your stash until those pesky babies can figure out potty training.

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  1. Thanks, Mir! Preschool goes through loads of wipes, so I buy whatever is on sale for the cheapest that month.

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