Happy Easter to your LEGOhead

By Mir
February 29, 2016

My days of stuffing eggs and hiding them all around the yard are over (thank goodness; I never was particularly good at that), but I know it’s still a treasured tradition for many of you with smaller kids. If one of those kids happens to be a LEGO nut, well, maybe consider ordering this 20-pack of minifig-filled eggs for $16.99 and calling Easter prep done.

I mean, yes, this is going to be more expensive than some random assortment of eggs stuffed with the sorts of things you’d find at the Dollar Store, true. On the other hand, minifigs usually cost about a buck apiece, so this is a good deal on that score, plus you end up with eggs filled with 1) not candy and 2) something they’ll actually play with for a long time. Win/win, in my mind.


  1. Thank you!!!!
    This is a great price on mini-figs, lots of times they are $2-5/each. I grabbed one and am curious to see what we end up with.

  2. Gone! Boo

  3. These do look cool but, they are off brand (not LEGO) minifigs. Most likely they are the same ones you can get in a 4 pack in the Target dollar bins. Some kids won’t care but mine only wants real LEGO (and he;s old enough we try to avoid more anyways)

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