Another dorm (or just home) deal for you

By Mir
April 8, 2016
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Am I weirdly obsessed with dorm stuff right now? Yeah, I am. Even more fun for me—my daughter is leaving this fall, and her brother is only a year behind. So I’m taking full advantage of any deal which offers a two-pack of something useful, because hey, we’re gonna need a second set before we know it.

Anyway! Here’s a useful two-pack I just snapped up for my teens, but even if you don’t have a dorm to outfit, this would be useful just about anywhere: Amazon has this two-pack of Sterlite drawer carts available right now for $19.95, which is its lowest price ever. This is perfect for a dorm nightstand or just general storage, or if you’ve got little kids, it’s great for an art chest or kid-accessible-snacks or whatever. [Edited to add: Looks like it’s now defaulting to a different seller/higher price. Look in the “Other Sellers” column on the right to select Amazon as the seller at the lower price.]

For $10 apiece delivered, I’m not worried about it.


  1. Talk about an impulse buy!!! I have no idea if I have room for them, but I need better storage. So if it doesn’t work out… It was only $21 after tax, I’m sure I could find a friend to take them. 🙂

  2. I just bought some for our basement. My kids have crayons and paper and other crafty stuff all over, this should help organize em a bit 🙂

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