A peek into my actual life

By Mir
June 23, 2016
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Me: Should I buy this 6-pack of laundry baskets for $25?
Husband: Do we need 6 laundry baskets?
Me: Um. Well. We can use them to move the kids into their dorms, and then leave them each one and bring the extras home and use them for other stuff.
Husband: Is that a good price?
Me: Yeah, it’s the lowest price ever. They’re Sterilite, good handles.
Husband: Sure, we’ll figure out what to do with them.

(Notice that nowhere in that conversation did I remind my husband that we already own five other laundry baskets. These are different. These ones are square. Shhhhh.)


  1. A peek into my actual life would reveal that we might need more than the five laundry baskets and five hampers that we already have, because some members of the family do not put their clean laundry away.

  2. I bought these the last time they were on sale. I already had two of them. Did I mention I’m single?

    They work very well to bring groceries up from the underground parking to the kitchen (you can hump the entire order up the steps in one trip!) Likewise, any collection of things that need to go from the first floor to the loft or bedroom upstairs (like all the tools to install a new curtain rod and curtains).

    Basically, any time you would use a cardboard box, but want something sturdier and with great handles, a laundry basket works.

    Oh – they are great for laundry, too.

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