More Kohls (why not?)

By Mir
October 14, 2016
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know we just had a Kohls deal, but there is never a shortage of Kohls deals (or, it seems, things I need from Kohls).

Hey, did you know that if you say/type “Kohls” enough times in a row, it stops feeling like a real word? Kohls. Kohls. SNARGLEBARGLE. Anyway.

Here’s what got me today: Right now they have these Big One Microfiber Bed Pillows marked down to just $3.99 apiece, which is crazy low, anyway. We have a proliferation of ancient pillows around the house, and while I probably wouldn’t go with something this cheap for a pillow someone will be sleeping on every night, for guest bed pillows or the day bed where the kids lounge around? No-brainer. I can pick up a bunch of these and chuck the pillows that have been around longer than my teenagers.

Make it even better with your Kohls Card, of course: Use coupon code PUMPKIN30 for another 30% off and code SHIP4FREE for free shipping on any size order. No Kohls Card? Silly rabbit. You’ll still get free shipping on your $75+ order and you can use coupon code TRICK15 for 15% off any order or code TREAT20 for 20% off your $100+ order.

So the good news is: decent cheap pillows. The bad news is there’s no way I’m going to just get the pillows….


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