Time to start thinking about toys

By Mir
October 18, 2016

Obviously we are on our way into Toy Sale Season, though for certain items it becomes a matter of “How badly do I want a deal on this” vs. “How much trouble is Santa going to be in if this item sells out?”

Maybe split the difference and check out the current toy promo at Target: right now you can shop and take $10 off your $50+ or $25 off your $100+ toy purchase with coupon code TOYS. The bad news is that it doesn’t work on LEGO or Cards Against Humanity products (booooo); the good news is that it works on just about everything else.

As always, do your homework—double-check the price at Amazon, etc. But there are definitely a few deals to be had. It’s almost enough to make me wish I still had toy shopping to do. (Almost!)

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this code to me.
    It took me nearly 10 years of motherhood (and 4 kids) to realize that for the sake of my sanity I just need to get the Christmas shopping done before December and not procrastinate waiting for a better sale.

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