All about the funky hair

By Mir
November 18, 2016

If you know my family in person, you know that my daughter has had a variety of different hair colors, starting from when she was in middle school. This has never bothered me; my feeling is that it’s just hair and it grows and if she likes it, good for her. But I know that not everyone is willing to break out the rubber gloves and bleach and dye, particularly when it comes to younger kids. In fact, I hear from a lot of friends that they’re holding their (younger) kids off with edicts about a certain age they have to be, etc. Well, prepare to be popular:

Right now Amazon has this Hair Chalk Salon set available for just $5.99 (its lowest price ever), [Edit: As of 11/21 it’s now just $4.79, but has been changed to be an Add-On item] and it’s the simplest way to apply vibrant temporary hair colors that wash out as soon as you’d like. It’s perfect for younger kids, and at this price, it’s a stock-up item for birthday parties, stocking stuffers, etc.

My kid’s hair is already purple, but the rest of you, go ahead.


  1. Thanks Mir! These are great for ‘silly hair day’ at school. I always pick them up on sale…

  2. My girls love this stuff! Picked up 2 sets – what a bargain!

  3. Thank you — one Chanukah gift down!

  4. I grabbed 2. One for my daughter and one for the gift collection for needy kids at work! Thanks!

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