2016 Big Prize Week Black Friday: $250 Amazon Gift Card

By Mir
November 25, 2016
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday, November 25th, 2016. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

2014amazonGCJust for fun—and even before I had some coffee this morning, so please be impressed—I went back in my archives to check and see how long I’ve been doing Big Prize Week each November. What I found is that this is the seventh year I’ve called it that, but I actually began the tradition two years earlier. Which means I’ve been playing Santa for nine years, now, and I still love having the chance to make my readers’ holidays a little brighter each November.

Those of you who are old-timers here also know that I spend the week giving away prizes various generous companies have offered up, but on Friday, I buy the prize myself as a small thank-you to all of you. I’ve tried a few different items on Black Friday, but nothing is as popular or universal as an Amazon gift card, so here we are. Win this one and once I’ve confirmed your email I’ll send you an e-gift code for $250, suitable for holiday shopping, buying yourself a little something nice, or whatever you need/want. It’s totally up to you, and just a small way for me to give back to you for hanging around and making it fun ’round here.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Friday, November 25th, 2016) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) for a chance to win. The winner will be pulled and announced tonight, assuming I’m not face-down in my pie by the end of this loooooong day.

Ready? Go!


  1. Winning this would be awesome. Thanks for all that you do. Happy Holidays!

  2. I love Amazon- great prices and I can shop in my pajamas!

  3. Whoa $250!

  4. Yay! I would love to win!

  5. Oooooh Christmas presents or…books for next semester! Pick me 🙂

  6. So generous! I’ve enjoyed all your deals this past year 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  7. My but your hair looks pretty today! 😉

  8. Please and thank you! 🙂

  9. Yay! Would definitely love to win this one

  10. Best present ever!

  11. Thanks so much for the chance! Happy holidays!

  12. How awesome! Thank you!

  13. Good choice!

  14. Thanks for doing these contests!

  15. wow this would be awesome! I need furniture. xo

  16. Thanks for the chance!

  17. That is one generous gift card!! You are awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. You’re pretty and so is your pie crust!

  19. Oooo, this would be so awesome to win!!!

  20. Pleeeease, pretty Mir! 🙂

  21. Yeah, Amazon ftw!

  22. Great prize. Thank you. (and I hope you got that coffee!)

  23. Thanks Mir!

  24. Amazing prize! Thanks for all your work! Happy holidays!

  25. Thanks for the chance to win!! This would be a great help this year.

  26. Oh Amazon…you’re my favorite!

  27. I love that you’re still doing this! It’s an amazing gesture for your fellow bargain shoppers!
    Thank you and enjoy the Holidays

  28. Yes, please💛.

  29. This would be awesome. Thanks!

  30. Man, this would be so helpful for Christmas.

  31. Awesome! That sure would buy a lot of dog kibble!

  32. Oh wow, that is a killer prize!

  33. Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. Love Amazon, this would be amazing to win.

  35. Yes!!!!!!!!!! Amazon!!!

  36. Yes, Please!

  37. HI MIR. 🙂 You are a delight and a wonderful person even when you are not giving people prizes.

  38. Thanks!!

  39. Love that you are still doing this!

  40. That’s a shiny sparkly prize! Love you Mir!

  41. So generous, I’m grateful to you Mir! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  42. Thank you for all the deals. That gift card would be amazing

  43. This would be the perfect Christmas gift…for ME!

  44. Amazon boxes fill my house!

  45. All the things I could buy!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. $250 would be awesome!

  47. My, you look pretty today.

  48. How awesome of you! This would be a great prize to win! 😊😍

  49. You look pretty today, Mir.

  50. That’s a lot of Cheez-its!

  51. You are so pretty and awesome. This would make my Christmas. Thank you for all you do.

  52. Wow, what an amazing prize!

  53. Thank you for this chance! I am crossing my fingers.

  54. Wow! Great prize! I would love to win this!

  55. Count me in!

  56. Would love to win.

  57. Winning this would really help me out with Christmas presents! Thanks a lot this is great!

  58. Awww I’m so proud to be an old timer!

  59. Merry Christmas! (Now that thanksgiving is over, I can officially start saying it!)

  60. Pick me, random number generator! 😜

  61. Miss you pick me ! 😉

  62. This would make my Christmas. Thanks for doing this.

  63. Amazon is the #1 expense on my credit card! I’d love to have this.

  64. Awesome. This would make my Christmas!

  65. Amazon makes me smile.

  66. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy thanksgiving weekend!

  67. YAY! That would be a beyond awesomeness. Thank you!

  68. Wonderful giveaway. Would help so much this holiday.

  69. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  70. Sweet!! Lovely prize Mir.

  71. WooHoo! Thank you Mir! Love WantNot and love this prize!

  72. I doubt I will be lucky enough to win this, but pick me pick me pick me!

  73. This is very generous. I love Amazon. Thanks for all the time you put into finding amazing deals for us!

  74. Love my WantNot deals!

  75. Count me in!

  76. Thank you! I look forward to your big giveaway week every year.

  77. This would help with Christmas shopping, which I still need to do!

  78. Because all of my spare money is going to Gabe’s Japan fund, this would be super welcome. Thanks for the opportunity!

  79. Thank you lovely Mir!!

  80. Yes please and thank you!

  81. Thank you!

  82. Thank you, very generous Mir!

  83. Ooooo! This would be fantastic! Every year money gets tighter and tighter!

  84. Would love to win. Thank you for running these contests. 😀

  85. You are awesome!

  86. Thank you for the contest!! Don’t get too overwhelmed today!!

  87. Ooo, pick me! It would be a big help!

  88. Oh Mir! You get us.

  89. This would certainly jump start my Christmas shopping! Thank you Mir, from a long-time reader, for all you do!

  90. Thanks for all the great deals you’ve found for us over all these years! Happy day after to all your family. And happy shopping to the lucky winner. (Fingers crossed)

  91. Ooh, this would really help with the holidays!

  92. I love your site and love being able to shop black Friday deals in my pjs! Thank you for helping with that (and with various deals throughout the next few weeks)! You’re so pretty, ma’am! 🙂

  93. Thanks Mir!

  94. Omgersh!! Winning this would be awesome!
    And you are so pretty, funny, smart, and amazing Mir!

  95. You know I have my fingers crossed for this one. Have a great day dear friend who lives in my computer.

  96. Awesome prize!!!

  97. This would make my year. Thank you!

  98. Thank You!

  99. Mir – Pretty year after year. And not just because of this giveaway. XOXO

  100. So much to be thankful for!

  101. Happy Awesome Friday! May your fingers stay nimblentoday!

  102. That’s a long time but I remember the beginning so that makes me… Young at heart. Or some nonsense.

  103. I could spend that $250 faster than you can say “happy holidays! ”

  104. Sounds lovely!

  105. Thanks for all the great tips over the years – you’re very pretty!

  106. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃

  107. This would be great! Thanks for all you do!

  108. Very generous of you. Happy holidays!

  109. I never win, but this has to be my year, right?!? Also, have you done something new with your hair? It’s gorgeous. 😉

  110. Would so look forward to what to buy with this!

  111. I would really love to have this!

  112. Please, please, please! Fingers crossed. Thanks, Mir!

  113. This would be amazing. I could finally get wi-fi for my pillow fort! 🙂

  114. Happy black Friday to you and yours!! Thanks for the chance at such a generous gift!

  115. You have no idea how you would make my Christmas so much brighter if I won this card!

  116. Wow, WantNot is over 9 years old? I’ve been here since the beginning.

  117. So, so pretty

  118. Pretty sure I’ve been following along lo these many years! Thanks for all the money you’ve saved us!

  119. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. I love Amazon. This would be amazing to win!

  121. Mir, you’ve been making my shopping more pleasant for so many years-thank you!!!

  122. Thanks for the big ending yet again!! Also you have been very productive this morning!!

  123. Thanks for being up early today!!! will be spending lots of time with pretty you today!

  124. Whooohooo! 🙂

  125. Big money no whammies!! Srsly yrs where has the time gone?

  126. I love the “karma” part of the rules. 😉 Thanks for the time, effort, and money that you put into this.

  127. Being in a Mom’s group with new babies has to count for something 😉 There’s a few holidays I wouldn’t have pulled off were it not for your awesome kitchen appliances.

  128. Please pretty please

  129. Oh please, me. Pretty, pretty please.

  130. Ooo. Here’s hoping I win. We certainly benefit from the deals you post, especially for essentials that keep my family rolling m

  131. This would be so wonderful at this time of year! Thanks for the opportunity and I hope somebody has rescued you from the pie 🙂

  132. Pick meeeeeee! 🙂

  133. Definitely a Big Prize! Thanks for all the great deals you share with readers.

  134. Wow! That would be an amazing prize to win!

  135. Thanks! Happy shopping!

  136. Love me some Amazon ❤

  137. Would love to win! Thanks!!

  138. This prize would take care of most of my kids’ Christmas present budget! If I win, I’m giving $150 to another family in need this year.

  139. I would love to win this! 🎉

  140. Amazon, yippee!

  141. How nice! Thanks!

  142. Happy Thanksgiving! Great giveaway!

  143. My goodness your hair is so beautiful today!!

  144. And I’ve been here with you every year! Maybe this will be my year to win 🙂

  145. Thank you, pretty pretty Mir!

  146. Have I told you that your hair looks lovely today? While I’m usually Team Otto, if love to spoil the kids (& maybe myself a smidge) if I win. Happy Chickie is Home Day!

  147. Thanks for everything you do all year for us!

  148. Good luck to all!

  149. Happy Thanksgiving! We are doing our big meal today because I hAve been sick for 3 days. Amazon is my fave! Thank you.

  150. I ❤️ Amazon!

  151. Love Mir, love WantNot, and love Amazon!!!

  152. Pick me pretty Mir

  153. Yay! Thank you!!

  154. Thank you for all you do! Enjoy some pie.

  155. Such a generous prize! This would help our family so much for the holidays as I no longer have a full-time income. Instead, I launched my own small business this year with my chicken flock selling eggs, raising meat chickens to sell, and heading to the farmer’s market with surplus produce from my gardens.

  156. What a great prize! Have a great holiday!!

  157. You’re pretty, Mir.

  158. Since about 75% of my Christmas shopping will be done on Amazon, this would be very useful!

  159. Please pick me – I would love this for a “mom” gift!

  160. This would be the best Christmas gift. Congratulations to whoever wins!

  161. I’m in!

  162. Thanks for all the bargain-hunting over the years! 🙂

  163. Thanks for all you do!

  164. You’re just about the prettiest person I know!

  165. Thanks Mir for your benevolent leadership in saving on awesome stuff.

  166. Come on lucky number me. You know I love ya and I love Amazon! Win win.

  167. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!!!!!

  168. It would be super to win. I’m so grateful for all the bargains you’ve found me over the years.

  169. So nice that you do this Mir!

  170. Thank you for the deals and great stories. Would love to buy some books and more books and more books . . .

  171. Woah mama, that’s a major prize! Happy Holidays!

  172. You are so very nice! And pretty!

  173. What a generous prize! Love it!

  174. Exciting! Thank you!

  175. Pick me please!

  176. Thank you for another fun Big Prize Week!

  177. Happy Holidays!

  178. Well, I haven’t won in nine years, but maybe this time.

  179. I buy everything on Amazon so YES THIS WOULD BE AWESOME YES. And thanks for doing it!

  180. I hope whoever wins uses the money wisely!

  181. Oh you are so wonderful and this is a great prize!

  182. If I won, I would get doll stuff for my American girl videos!!!!😄

  183. So Pretty!

  184. Thanks so much!

  185. Thanks Mir!

  186. Always my favorite prize. =)

  187. You’re looking very pretty today.

  188. This would be very helpful

  189. You like me? You really like me?!

    Thank you! Xoxo

  190. Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  191. Old timer here, who knows well how pretty you are! 😊 Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome give-away. Thanks for being up at the crack o’ dawn for us to find thee best finds/deals.

  192. Amazing! You’re so pretty!

  193. I hope I win!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄 If I win, I would bring $30 to church. ⛪️ And I would buy a RC Car.

  194. WOW! $250 would come in exceedingly handy!

  195. I’ve got a cart started there that I’ve been watching for a fantastic price drop- this would definitely help!

  196. Thanks for the chance to win! Such a great prize!!

  197. I would love this. 🙂

  198. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We have so much to be grateful for!

  199. This would be awesome! Almost as awesome as you are.

  200. You heard how my day went yesterday – this would really turn my week around! And thanks for 9 years of wonderful Black Friday memories! I’ve been here for every one of ’em!

  201. Oh Amazon, I could have used this last night!

  202. Thanks for the deals, and for your general awesomeness! Also, you are looking very pretty today.

  203. Am avoiding all shopping today, but this doesn’t really count, does it?

  204. Thank you for doing this, and for everything else you do!

  205. Thank you for all that you do on both your sites! Enjoy your holidays!

  206. Happy kid-home-from-college week! Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have.

  207. As always, thank you for all you to do enable me to do all of my Christmas shopping online.

  208. Mir, thank you for playing Santa for 9 years!

  209. This would be so useful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  210. 9 years! And it feels like we only just (not really) met!

  211. I wanna win! For once!

  212. Wow. That’d be nice.

  213. Thanks for all you do! I’ve saved so much over the years. You are awesome! What a great prize 😊

  214. Happy thanksgiving/black friday!

  215. I could really use this. Thank you so much for your generosity! <3

  216. This would be amazing and would help get presents for my kids and toys for tots!!

  217. Happy Leftovers Day!

  218. This would be the best gift ever!

  219. Wow!

  220. You’re so pretty, as well as awesome!

  221. Please pick me!!

  222. What a great prize!

  223. Happy thanksgiving!!!

  224. Lovely gift from a lovely lady with great hair. 🙂

    • I would love this!

  225. Thanks! And happy pie day!

  226. Ohhhh, this would pay for my entire Christmas. Thank you Mir!

  227. Thanks for the many years of great giveaways and bargain tips! I would love to win the gift certificate. After downloading my Amazon purchase history the other day I think it is a safe bet to say they will get a nice chunk of my shopping dollars.

  228. Luv me some Amazons!!!

  229. long time reader, never win anything!

  230. You’ve been doing it for nine years, and I’ve been losing at it for nine years LOL let’s make a 10th anniversary together a special one 💗👭

  231. I buy most of my Christmas through Amazon so this would be amazing! Thanks for the chance!

  232. Is any other blogger prettier than you? How do you stay looking so young? Would you like a cookie? 😉

  233. Love this site! Thank you!

  234. I would love to win this. Thank you pretty Mir.

  235. Wow. The appropriate post I think is Thank you. For all the deals. Heads up..fun I would have missed without your blog. Keep up the good work.

  236. Happy Black Friday!

  237. Woohoo!

  238. Thanks for all you do for us!

  239. I’d love to win! Thanks, Mir!

  240. Wow – 9 years!? That’s amazing. Thanks for all you do, I’ve found some amazing deals through you!!

  241. This is all kinds of awesome!

  242. Yes, please, pretty pretty Mir. 🙂

  243. You’re so pretty, Mir. And nice!

  244. I would love to win this! Thanks for being awesome!

  245. Thank you, for this awesome contest and for spending so much time helping all of us save $. 🙂

  246. Very generous! It would be exciting to win😄

  247. Over the years I have saved much money because of you. Thanks!

  248. I love, love, love Amazon! You’re so awesome. And pretty. Thank you Mir!

  249. Thanks, Mir!

  250. This is the first year I can’t buy anything on Black Friday. (Gifts will be made from supplies already on-hand, somehow.) The odds are slim, but I love having this opportunity to dream about a bit of Amazon in our Christmas this year.

  251. Great prize! Thanks so much!

  252. Thanks, Mir!

  253. Yes, please! I would love this!

  254. NICE!!! What a great prize!

  255. Always something good at Amazon! Thanks Mir!

  256. Thank you!!

  257. I knew you had been doing this for a few years – didn’t realize it was so long! Thanks for the fun 🙂

  258. Thanks for finding all the bargains for us, this year and all the years before!

  259. Thank you for doing this for nine great years!

  260. This would be a huge boost to our Christmas shopping budget!

  261. This would be a huge help this year. Thanks for the chance, pretty Mir!

  262. Our Christmas budget is nonexistent this year, so it would be amazing to win this!!!

  263. Have a wonderful holiday season, Mir! Thanks for all that you do.

  264. Mir you are a shopping goddess! Thanks for all that you do for us….This would be a great start to the holidays😊

  265. Have I told you today how pretty you are? No? Well… you ARE! And have you lost weight?

  266. Awesome! Crossing all my fingers and my toes for good measure. Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  267. Happiest of holidays!! Thank you for always being so kind.

  268. This would be awesome! Hope you don’t fall face first in your pie today. That would be a waste of perfectly good pie.

  269. Happy Black Friday!

  270. Happy Thanksgiving!

  271. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with your college kid home for a few days. My nest holds two who returned from college, and I feel so blessed.

  272. Thanks for everything you do!

  273. I’ve been here for 7 or 9 years and I especially love to watch the joy you share this week. Thank you! And thanks for the shot at this gift card

  274. Fingers crossed! I would love to spoil my parents for Christmas with this

  275. This would be just two hundred and fifty more reasons to love you (not that I need them tho).

  276. Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

  277. Great prize. Thanks for doing this.

  278. You. Are. Awesome.

  279. That would be amazing!!

  280. Thanks for hosting this every year, Mir. You just get prettier and prettier.

  281. You’re looking lovely today! And 9 years playing Santa? Wow!

  282. Yes!! I love Amazon. Thank you.

  283. My favorite store!

  284. My favorite place to shop!

  285. Amazing prize, thank you! Your hair is especially pretty today.

  286. That would help immensely with the Christmas shopping!

  287. This would be great for Christmas presents!!

  288. You should eat all the pie you want today. It’ll only add to your loveliness, you know.

  289. Man oh man, could I use this Amazon gift card!!!

  290. Yes!!!!

  291. How cool-thanks!

  292. Amazon…my favorite store! 🙂 Their boxes show up in our house weekly!

  293. This would save Christmas at my house.

  294. This would be perfect!!

  295. This would definitely come in handy!

  296. Pick me! Love Amazon!

  297. Yes, please!!!

  298. I love Amazon!!

  299. This would be awesome! Thanks for all you do!

  300. Amazing! Thank you!

  301. Yes please! This Mama could do some damage with that gift card 🙂 Thank You!

  302. Awesome! Happy holidays!

  303. Awesome prize! Happy holidays!

  304. Thank you for all you do for us! You save me so much on gifts every year, winning this would just be the icing on the cake!

  305. Happy Thanksgiving!

  306. You are so kind and pretty!!!! Happy Holidays to you and your fam. Thanks for all the years of great deals!

  307. Great giveaway! Looking forward to checking out Want Not.

  308. I’d. Love to win

  309. You are so generous and a beautiful soul.

  310. I love you, Mir! You are awesome!!!

  311. Thanks for all you’ve saved me this year, oh you Retail Maven! Another $250 wouldn’t hurt. Best wishes for you and yours!

  312. An amazing giveaway – Happy Holidays!

  313. You always have the best giveaways. You rock!

  314. Wow. You’re the best!

  315. What a great prize

  316. I’m so happy to say I’ve been able to be a part of every one of your 9 prize weeks! Spending Black Friday with you is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving weekend! <3

  317. Wow! Thank you

  318. Thanks for posting deals all year round!

  319. I would love to win! Thank you for the chance.

  320. No whammies!

  321. I hope I win, I hope I win!

  322. Thanks for the blog – I’ve been reading off and on for years. Hope you and yours had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  323. Christmas money!

  324. I love, love, love Amazon! Thanks so much for the opportunity. Happy Holidays!!

  325. What a great giveaway!

  326. This would be a blessing!

  327. Sweet!

  328. Can’t beat Amazon!

  329. May your Day After Thanksgiving be filled with delicious (not dried out) leftovers, especially pie and assorted desserts, and excellent deals, Mir! Thanks for another great year of deals. 🙂

  330. How fun would that be! Thanks pretty Mir!

  331. You are very generous! Love your blog and Amazon!

  332. Pretty please?!!!!!!

  333. Love the contests and Amazon!

  334. Thankful and hopeful!

  335. What the heck! Worth a try!

  336. Bad Ass.

  337. Thanks for this chance! Happy Black Friday!

  338. Amazon is my jam!

  339. Thanks for this opportunity, Mir!

  340. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  341. Thanks for doing this – I had a sucky thanksgiving
    and would love to erase that memory with some
    Amazon joy!

  342. 10 kids here. Please. Let it be meeee!

  343. Thanks, Mir!!

  344. Wow! Amazing give away.

  345. I just stopped by to tell you I love you, but I’ll stay for the chance at the gift card. Mwah!!!

  346. Yes please! Thanks Mir!

  347. Yes please!! Momma needs some new socks.

  348. Happy Black Friday Shopping! Thank you Mir!

  349. Awesome, I look forward to this every year!

  350. wowza, this would be so amazing!!!

  351. Such a generous prize!

  352. You are so awesome – thank you for all you do and for this contest!

  353. Pick me!! Please oh please!

  354. Yay! Happy Black Friday!

  355. And each year, your hair looks prettier and prettier!!

  356. Happy Black Friday!

  357. This would make Christmas a bit brighter!!

  358. Yes, please!

  359. Happy Shopping

  360. Really worried how I’m going to pull Christmas off this year as a dead broke single mom.. This would be a huge blessing to win! Fingers crossed.

  361. Thank you!

  362. Happy post Thanksgiving left-over bliss!

  363. Happy Holidays, Mir! You’re so lovely.

  364. Wonderful! Thank you!

  365. Happy Holidays Mir!!

  366. I love amazon. This would be a great help for all those nieces and nephews.

  367. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a great prize!

  368. Thank you!

  369. Love shopping on Amazon! This would be wonderful!

  370. Thanks for all the great work you do all year! Happy holidays! 😊

  371. This would be awesome! I do all my shopping on Amazon this time of year.

  372. But does it also come with pie?

  373. Living in a rural area, online shopping is a must and Amazon is always my first choice. Thank you for all your great tips and the opportunity to win a great prize.

  374. Oh, this will make someone’s holiday. Thanks for the chance, Mir.

  375. Yes please!

  376. This would cover some nice Christmas presents!

  377. Love Amazon gift cards. Love you, more, for doing this. Happy holidays!!

  378. Thank you!!

  379. Awesome. I hope I win. I would use this to buy Thomas and Friends and Garth Brooks. 🙂

  380. Wow! I love Amazon (and you for having this contest!).

  381. Don’t work too hard today 🙂

  382. This would be so sweet!

  383. Hope your random number thingy goes this high. This would be cool!

  384. Love Amazon! So nice of you to offer this in addition to the many deals you find. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  385. ME ME ME Please!! Thank you for all you do, I love my Want Not deals!

  386. Pick me please and thank you

  387. Happy holidays!!

  388. Love Amazon and would love to win. Your hair looks fabulous today!

  389. Thank you Mir!

  390. How very wonderful!!

  391. Winning this would be great! Thanks for all you do. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  392. Comment! 😉

  393. Most excellent giveaway – happy Black Friday!

  394. Crossing my fingers

  395. Many years ago I won the big prize (a kindle fire!) so I’ll give it a shot again. We are all so grateful for all you do, Mir! Thanks for scouting all the great deals and for giving away such amazing prizes.

  396. Yay! Pick me 🙂

  397. Love Amazon!

  398. Such a generous prize! Thanks for the chance to win!

  399. This would be great!!!

  400. Yay! Thank you

  401. I love Amazon, and Amazon money!

  402. Yay! Thanks for doing this!

  403. Your baking smells especially delish 🙂

  404. i love prizes!! and would be so grateful/thankful to win.

  405. What an awesome gift!!!

  406. Wow, I cut it close!

  407. Scooting in under the deadline!

  408. Yes please!!!!

  409. Me too me too me too!! Thank you!

  410. After doing 75% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year, I have decided that there is no other way!

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