Black Friday Big Prize Week Winner (Amazon)

By Mir
November 25, 2016
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Did you have fun today? Did you find everything you needed online?

[Funny story before I get to the winner: I was up at around 4:30 today, busy scouting the deals, and by the time my oldest came downstairs it was nearly lunchtime. When I half-jokingly gave her a hard time about all I’d already accomplished today, she told me that a friend had started texting her at 3:30 this morning about some deals she found at her local mall. My kiddo stayed in bed, went online to find the deal her friend wanted her to know about, and did her shopping before she even got up. Apple, tree, etc.]

Anyway! It was a long day, but I had a lot of fun. I hope you all did, too. And hey, over 400 of you threw your hats in the ring for today’s Amazon gift card giveaway, too. I promise, if I ever win the lottery, I’ll give ’em out to everyone. Today I just have the one, and the random number picker—I swear I’m not making this up—selected commenter 111, Tracey Sanders. Congratulations, Tracey—please check your email! I’m going to be sending you a gift card and you totally have my permission to not tell anyone in your family that you got it. It’ll just be between you, me, and the rest of the Internet.

Thanks so much to everyone who played along and shopped with me this week. You’re all the reason I keep doing this. And even though this is the last day of Big Prize Week, I did hold onto a few items for Cyber Monday, so make sure to check back for that, too. One more set of giveaways before the real holiday crunch settles in, okay? Okay. Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Whoo hoo-congrats Tracy!
    Thanks, Mir! Sweet dreams

  2. Thanks again! I think the number 111 is my new lucky number!

    • Well it sure was today! Just sent your card. 🙂

  3. You have a fine weekend, too! Get some sleep, gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations to Tracey!

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