Happy New Year!

By Mir
January 2, 2017

Hey, it’s 2017. I hope you and yours had an excellent holiday season. I took a break—maybe I should’ve mentioned that before I did it?—and enjoyed having my big kid home from college and my husband around. I haven’t taken the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s off for… ummm… at least a decade. Probably longer. It was awesome.

Anyway! We now segue into my second favorite season: Deep clearance at Dillard’s. Right now items are up to 65% off, and while this is not where I’ll typically turn for issues of growth spurts (that’s what Kohls is for!), it is where I’ll go for really nice outfits, good shoes/outerwear, etc. Dillard’s clearance is never going to be bargain-basement, is my point, but this sale is sort of like a once-a-year expansion at Nordstrom Rack, if that makes sense.

I think we got my daughter’s graduation dress there last year during this sale. It’s that sort of thing.

So, if you’ve got a graduation or a wedding or other special occasion coming up, check it out.


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