Two days to grab these Groupon deals

By Mir
January 10, 2017
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m having a little love affair with Groupon. Although I have always used it for online discounts, in the last few years we’ve nabbed local deals for all sorts of family adventures we might never have tried out, otherwise. We’ve been kayaking, we escaped from Sherlock Holmes’ study (and figured out where he was hiding), we spent an evening learning how to throw clay pots. (Emphasis on the “throw.” Those wheels turn fast. Oops.) It has saved us literally hundreds of dollars and meant we ventured out of our comfort zone and did some super fun things we might not’ve tried, otherwise.

Groupons are discounted by definition, but today and tomorrow, you can save another 20% on any Groupon listed under “local” (and yes, some of those are actually online discounts; I don’t make the rules) by applying coupon code SALE3. Even better, you can use it on up to 3 deals, for a savings of up to $50 on each.

I’m not saying you have to pick adventures—one of the first deals it offered me was money off at a local bakery—but with discounts like these, surely there’s something that will tickle your fancy.


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