Who needs a Chromebook?

By Mir
January 24, 2017
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Bear in mind that a Chromebook is not the same thing as a fully-functioned laptop. It is primarily for working online—surfing the web, using email, etc. But given that you can work on just about anything online these days (as a frequent editor, I have to say I love being able to collaborate over Google Drive rather than mailing documents back and forth), maybe a Chromebook is really all you (or your kids) need.

If so, check this out: Right now Best Buy has this 11.6″ HP Chromebook marked down to just $149 ($50 off). It has 4GB of memory of a 16GB flash drive, and it averages 4.3/5 stars with 70+ reviews. Is it fancy? No. Will it get the job done for working online without driving you insane with its slowness? Yes. (For reference: here it is at Amazon for $39 more.)


  1. Our school district gave all kids grade 3-10 Chromebooks (Dell). They’ve got a great filter through the school system on them, and the collaboration the kids are doing is awesome. The teachers have been amazing at learning how to use Google’s educational suite. My kids are more advance in Google uses than I am. I have loved it!! They do have access to a different laptop for other stuff and gaming that needs power, but this is such a great school solution.

  2. My spouse is a Google employee and the 2016 Christmas gift (that is usually given to employees) was that Google is going to donate more Chromebooks to schools who would not otherwise have them. There was some grumbling, but honestly, I’m so thrilled to hear that kids are using them!

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