The Want Not Review: EmaxDesign 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set

By Mir
March 20, 2017
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Happy Monday! Life has been a little nutty ’round here, lately, but I did want to drop a quick few words about a purchase I made a couple of weeks back just because I’m so impressed with it. To clarify: this is a product I bought on my own, with my own money, and I am discussing it here just because I’m a happy customer.

So, let’s get to it. “It,” specifically, being this 12-piece makeup brush set at Amazon, currently listed at $11.99. (I got mine for $2 less on a Lightning Deal.)

I’m not really a makeup person in general—I don’t wear it every day, and when I do wear it for anything other than stage, I don’t wear much—so I am reluctant to spend a ton on things like brushes. However, with the exception of one beloved Clinique foundation brush I once splurged on, my cruddy, old brushes were looking pretty… cruddy and old (surprise!) when I pulled then out to get ready for stage makeup use (I’m in a show that opens this weekend), so I knew I had to go ahead and replace them, but preferably not for much money. I did some research on Amazon, and then this set came up on a Lightning Deal, so I got it.

I love them. Honestly, it’s more brushes than I need (I already handed off a few to my daughter), but they are the nicest brushes I’ve ever owned, and that includes my Clinique brush. (I’ve already discovered that I like the short-handled foundation brush in this set better than my “fancy” one.) The handles are sturdy, the bristles are dense but soft, they wash up easily and don’t shed, and I would’ve happily paid $12 just for the foundation brush. If you need brushes (or are looking for a set for a young lady but don’t want to break the bank), this is a ridiculous value even at the “regular” price, and if you can catch it on Lightning Deal for a couple of bucks less, more power to you.


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