Kids & Baby Sale, but no kids or babies for sale

By Mir
May 8, 2017

I have long loved to joke whenever there’s a kid/baby sale that “I don’t see any actual babies for sale,” and apparently my kid has picked up on my terrible sense of humor.

This morning when I saw that Old Navy is having a Kids & Baby sale right now, I mused aloud that—given just how much cheaper “boys” clothes are than “mens,” and given that my not-terribly-big high school senior is only just outgrowing his size 18 shorts—perhaps I could buy some 18 Husky shorts and get away with that for him?

He told me that was a terrible idea, and I was all set to explain that surely no one is going to look at the tags in his shorts, when he continued, “18 huskies is a ridiculous number of dogs that large. Really, one or two would be plenty.”

(We’ll be here all week, folks. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

Free shipping on your $25+ order with coupon code FREESHIP, plus code MAY saves you 40% on top of sale prices. Go get the deals if your kids are still wearing kid sizes.


  1. XD

  2. My oldest is in adult sizes now, but 40% off and free shipping is still a good thing, so I got her a custom swimsuit (a tankini top she likes plus a pair of compression shorts for the bottom) for less than $30. She will be surprised and happy!

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