Time to stock up at Children’s Place

By Mir
July 5, 2017

Ready to stock up for next year, or your kiddo had a growth spurt this summer? Assuming your kids are small(ish) (read: not adult-sized), get on over to Children’s Place right now to enjoy 80% off all the Clearance and 50% off everything else. Plus shipping is free on every order, so whether you buy a little or a lot, you’re saving. While we all know they have tons of sales, this particular one is a today-only deal.

I see that they finally extended their sizes so that you can go all the way up to size 16—they didn’t have that when mine were little, so enjoy it now. There’s no cheaper place to pick up the basics the kids need. Basically this store is the only reason I miss my kids still being little.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks! This is fab. One kid can still wear stuff from here (the other is a giant and makes me want to cry…).

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