Welcome back to regular post-holiday life

By Mir
July 5, 2017
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Did you have a long weekend? Was it awesome? I wandered off and did things like… spend time with my husband. And it turns out I really like that guy. Yay!

But now the fireworks are over, taking with them my excuse to eat potato chips all day long, too. (*sob*)

How will I soothe my soul, now? How do I get back to “normal” without feeling bitter about having to do normal things like work and cook dinner? Oh—Target has me covered, actually. They’ve got the July Beauty Box up, and for just $7 delivered I can get $30 worth of cool products, which eases the sting of the aforementioned lack of potato chips.

There’s headwraps, there’s fun masques, there’s all kinds of stuff. Go get one before they sell out. It might not cure what ails you, but you should probably check, right?

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  1. In for two! Thank you!

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