Catch up on Game of Thrones

By Mir
August 16, 2017
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So, uh, say you live under a rock. Like me. And you’ve never seen Game of Thrones, not even once, and you’re starting to think you might want to see it because it’s all anyone ever talks about, but now you’re so far behind, what’s the point?

Well, here’s a deal for you (me): There have been six (!!) complete seasons of Game of Thrones so far, and today you can snag either the DVD or Blu-ray set at Groupon at a deep discount, right now. They’ve got the DVDs for $80 and the Blu-rays for $115. (For comparison: Amazon’s lowest current prices are $122 and $159, respectively.)

Of course, I can’t tell you when you’ll have time to watch 65 hours of programming—I might be rethinking this purchase now—but that’s up to you. I just find the discounts.


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