Heads up, LEGO Star Wars fans!

By Mir
October 24, 2017

The Holy Grail on nearly every holiday shopping list I’ve had since I’ve been a parent is some ridiculous LEGO set. Don’t get me wrong; I love LEGO, and I love that my kids have loved it so, but those little plastic bricks can be expensive, especially when there’s some sort of franchise tie-in. And you’ll see a few Black Friday deals, sure, but they tend to be few and far between and sell out quickly.

So! If you have a Star Wars- and LEGO-loving kid who saw the new movie and now is dying to get their hands on the 1106-piece BB-8 LEGO kit, I regret to inform you that it is currently marked down to $80 at Amazon, which is still insane, but significantly less insane than its prior price of $100. It’s also its lowest price so far, and while you might do a little better closer to Christmas, you might not before all the eBay resellers buy ’em all up.

Neither of my kids asked for LEGO this year, by the way, and I’m a little sad about it. Parenthood makes you nuts.


  1. Gah – I could have ignored ANYTHING except that one 😀 We haven’t had a Lego set in about a year, and I swore them off. But this will be a super nice surprise for the kiddo. Thanks!

  2. Savings on Lego Star Wars: $20
    8 hours of kiddos in playroom quietly building a lego set: Priceless
    Thanks Mir!

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