And if you use laundry pods…

By Mir
November 3, 2017
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… now is a good time to check out various varieties of Tide Pods at Amazon, because many of the giant-size packages have an eligible $5 off coupon you can clip, plus there’s Subscribe & Save savings to be had.

Personally, I tend to get the Free & Gentle ones because we’re a bunch of delicate flowers up in here, but you do you. Between the coupon and the potential for another 15% off (not to mention free shipping; those suckers are heavy), this beats the warehouse club price for me… plus this is a rare “different coupon for every product” offer where you can use it on multiple scents/sizes and it doesn’t tell you you’ve already used the coupon. (I explained that badly. Did it make sense? It’s not just a “$5 off Tide Pods” coupon. It’s a separate $5 coupon on every product where it’s eligible.) Anyway, by my math, that 81-load container comes out to about $.15/load for me.

I’m stocking up, but I’m also hoping a laundry fairy might arrive in one of those boxes.


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