Yes, it’s really November

By Mir
November 3, 2017

I know, I know; we get into November—prime shopping season—and I disappear for a couple of days. I’m sorry! I could give you a lengthy explanation but 90% of it is boring. The remaining 10% has to do with getting organized for Big Prize Week (motto: Free stuff is coming!), which is not boring, but you probably don’t care about that until I start giving stuff away.

Anyway! I’m back to scouting around and, oh, look, Bon-Ton isn’t waiting for Black Friday to kick off some Door Busters, which means you can start with them this weekend and find some incredible deals. And in addition to all of those sales, you can use coupon code DEALFANNF17 for an up-to-25% additional discount on lots of other sale stuff, or code F4DAYSALE17 for an up-to-30% additional discount on non-sale items. (Reminder: Bon-Ton coupons tend to have a list of exclusions as long as the Constitution. Do read the fine print, but the sale-price coupon does work on most Clearance items.)

And to top it all off, they’re showing a code for free shipping on $49+ on the site, but ship your $25+ order for free with coupon code NOVBDAY. You’re welcome.

Honestly, they had me at the Buy More, Save More deal on shoes (one pair is 20% off, two pairs are 30% off, and three+ saves you 40%; guess what everyone in my family is about to get for Christmas!).


  1. My college student’s backpack busted open yesterday. I passed along your rec for Fatboys. She’s hoping to limp along until Thanksgiving, and deals. If you see anything coming down the pike I’d appreciate a heads-up!

  2. Guess who has (now had) 3 boys who needed new shoes? Thank you ma’am! Glad I don’t have to go out this weekend, they can come to the house!

  3. Well, despite your warning about a huuuuge list of exclusions as well as a lovely but not well-informed customer service person helping me over nearly an hour, after sending me to a supervisor who was initially mystified also why my order for 3 pair of shoes wasn’t discounted, I was informed that Birkenstocks (which are not listed ANYWHERE as an exclusion) are considered “upscale.” So much for my Xmas gift for myself. 🙁 You’re still pretty, Mir. 🙂

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