Crazy deal on the Sphero BB-8

By Mir
November 21, 2017

I was never one for big-ticket toys for my kids, but that’s because I’m a curmudgeon, and also because when my kids were little, we didn’t have nearly as much cool stuff as you can find now.

The last few years, the Sphero robots have become hot commodities for kids because they can learn to program them to do cool things, but the only thing cooler than Sphero is when Sphero does Star Wars. Today a certified refurbished Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid with Force Band is available over on Electronics.Woot for just $85 plus $5 shipped. I’ll confess that my first thought was “Well, that’s probably only $10 off the regular price,” but I was wrong. Very wrong. The same model is currently $180 new from the cheapest Amazon seller (or $117 used from the Warehouse Deals), so this is a great deal and will probably sell out.

(A quick note on refurbishing: I am all for certified refurbs, as they come with the same warranty as brand new, and often at a huge discount, like this. Up to you whether you think your kid might be upset by it, of course.)


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