Day 4 Big Prize Week Winners (Book Bundles)

By Mir
November 23, 2017
Category Contests

The good news is that I smell a lot better writing this post than I did when I wrote the one this morning after chopping onions. The bad news is that I think I ate so much I can barely move. (Dinner was a long time ago and I’m still full….)

Anyway! Today while you were (hopefully) feasting with friends and family, you also had the chance to win some awesome books, and plenty of you stopped by to try to do just that. Fun fact: the way my picker plugin thingie works, I can ask it to draw a winning commenter and then it asks me to either confirm or deny the number it selected. This comes in handy for contests like this one, where the first winner gets the books they selected, but then if the second winner asks for the books already claimed, I have to draw another number. But for the first time in ever, today I had it generate the winners all in a row and every single pick worked (no one asked for the same thing). It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! (I just thought that was nifty. Today’s winners were evidently truly destined for their prizes.)

So here you go: Our first winner is Mark (commenter 14), who will receive the origami books; our second winner is Becky (commenter 60), who will receive the bricks books; and our final winner is Julie (commenter 27), who will receive the cookbooks. Congratulations, winners—please check your email! It’s very difficult to mail prizes out when I don’t have addresses, so please do respond so I know where I’m sending things.

As always, thanks to all who played, and special thanks to the generosity of the Quarto Group for the bricks and origami books, and to the Random Book Fairy (a.k.a, some PR person who I think sent me a package by mistake) for the cookbooks.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which means I’ll be here scoping out the deals all day long so that you don’t have to leave the house. It also means our biggest giveaway of the week, though it’s not a finale, per se, because I have something really cool saved for Cyber Monday, too. Regardless, be here early tomorrow to find the best deals and potentially win something that will help you get your shopping done.


  1. It’s doesn’t matter because you are so pretty, but the… title? Headline? Whatever, of this post should say day four. 😘

    • Clearly I was turkey-drunk last night. Fixed!

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