Another LEGO deal? Another LEGO deal!

By Mir
November 27, 2017

If your goal is to foster open-ended play and get as many LEGO bricks as possible for the least amount of money, here’s your deal: Right now tucked in amongst their Cyber Monday deals, quietly priced this LEGO Classic Creative Building Set of 900 (!) pieces at just $24. (For reference: it’s currently $46.75 at Amazon.)

Now, the deal with Jet is that you’ll get free shipping on your $35+ order, so you’ll want to find something else to get to that threshold, but the good news is that they sell just about everything, so I’m confident that if there isn’t another Cyber Monday deal you want, you can find some dish soap or snacks you normally buy, anyway. And the more you buy, the more you save.


  1. Thanks–that’s the set I’ve had my eye on!

  2. Gah! That’s a bigger set for the same price of the smaller set I already got at Sams Club! Now what to do?!

  3. I don’t know what they’re smoking over at Jet, but the price is even lower now. $20 for the set. And . . . if you buy two, they’re $18.91 each. By the time I took advantage of every other thing I could do to reduce the price–using debit card, waiving right to return, opting for Friday delivery rather than Thursday–I got it down to about $18.40 apiece. One for my kid, one for the gift closet.

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