Merry everything!

By Mir
December 22, 2017

Hello! I have failed you, the last few days. Instead of finding you last-minute deals, I’ve been busy with visiting family, kid home from college, errands, wrapping, eating, and—oh yeah—I just got braces because nothing says “happy holidays” like having such a sore mouth, you start thinking that maybe straight teeth are overrated, after all. (I kid. It will all be worth it! But the last couple of days have been… uncomfortable.)

Hopefully you’ve been similarly busy (maybe minus the mouth pain…) and have either had a merry holiday already or are getting ready to have one. I wish for health and happiness for all of you, as bargains are nice, but hardly the point. Here’s to love and laughter and board games and family time and whatever fills you up with everything good.

That said, if you are still wanting to focus on shopping, there’s still time to snag deals at Amazon if you have Prime, and you can still get what you need by Christmas. Toy price drops are still going (like, say, on this Aquabeads Mega Set or the Aquabeads Deluxe Studio or, hello, what woman of any age wouldn’t want a DC Wonder Woman Diana Prince with Hidden Sword doll in her stocking for just $5??), and there will be even more for after Christmas to start stocking up, but for now, maybe just relax a little. Go make some cookies. Call an old friend. Read a book.

It’s been a long year. If you can take some time off and chill out with your favorite people, go do it. I’m going to. Happy holidays!


  1. Happy holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas, Mir 🙂

  3. hooray for family time! Enjoy!

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