Because I’m a tool of the patriarchy

By Mir
May 1, 2018
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Listen, I’m all for being you and not bending to societal norms if they don’t suit you. Truly. You don’t want to shave? Don’t shave! Be yourself! But… well, I live in the south, and also I’m descended from yetis, as is my (grown) female child, so we’ll just be over here shaving our legs.

And for a while I did the responsible thing with razor handles for which I just buy refill heads, and also for a while I tried buying cheap disposables, but it turns out that 1) my kid will lose the reusable handle and 2) cheap razors are cheap for a reason, so now whenever I find a good disposable deal I grab it. They’re perfect for college care packages. Or when I can’t find my own razor. Don’t judge.

Anyway! If you have Prime and you’re looking for a cheap item to get you to your 5+ discount for the month and you want disposable razors either for you or your kid, this is the deal for you: Amazon currently has this Bic Soleil 4-count Disposable Pack priced at $5.47, but it’s only $4.65 with 15% off (if you’re buying via Subscribe & Save and have 5+ items), and there’s a clippable coupon for $3 off. That’s four decent razors for $1.65 shipped! I’m in.

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  1. Mir, you are pretty and smooth!

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