Happy birthday, Woot!

By Mir
July 12, 2018
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Well whaddaya know—today Woot turns 14, which means both that I am pretty old and that it’s now old enough to roll its eyes at you and insist that no matter what you think, you are not funny. Hooray!

It also means they’re doing a very special Woot-Off, with tons of great deals. Check it:
Clearance.Woot and Gourmet.Woot (motto: We used to be Wine.Woot, but we finally admitted it’s more food than wine) both have rotating deals all day long, plus Shirt.Woot will showcase various options while allowing you to use coupon code 25JULY for 25% off any shirt purchase. They’ll also be throwing in at least half a dozen Bags O’ Crap every hour (remember those??) filled with new and excited items. While all the deals today are fantastic, if you’ve been wanting a great deal on an Amazon Fire (say, for a kid, or just because you’re thrifty), Computers.Woot has refurbs for about half off.

Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime and sign in with it, or $5 for the entire day, if not. I’ll be sitting on the refresh button trying to get a Bag O’ Crap, myself.


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