Echo Dot + 2 Tile Sports on a crazy deal

By Mir
November 23, 2018
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My husband recently got us an Echo Dot and while he loves asking Alexa questions, I am busy trying to figure out how to rename it to “Creepy Kitchen Eavesdropper.” Regardless, apparently some people enjoy having an always-listening infobot at their disposal.

If you’re one of those people (or know someone else who is), and if you (or someone you love) is always losing things, check out this deal at Amazon: They’ve got a latest generation Echo Dot packaged with two Tile Sports for just $35 shipped, today. (It’s out of stock at the moment but you can still order.) The Echo Dot is theoretically $50 on its own—although today if you just want one of those, they’re marked down to $24—and normally 2 of these Tile Sports (the latest version with the widest range) cost $35, so basically you’re buying the Tiles and getting the Dot for free.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tile, they make little doohickeys (technical term) you can attach to your keys, your phone, whatever, and then track when you can’t find the object in question. With this bundle, you can say, “Creepy Kitchen Eavesdropper, please find my keys” and suddenly Big Brother doesn’t seem so bad!

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  1. Having Tiles on my husband’s stuff means never again having to spend hours searching for it. Though I do have to remind him to use the app when he has misplaced something. Still trying to figure out how to attach one to his glasses…

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