New year, new savings?

By Mir
January 28, 2019

After weeks of an endless news cycle about the government shutdown and how many Americans live paycheck to paycheck, the neurotic money squirrel in me (you know, the one that gathers pennies instead of nuts…) was compelled to review our banking choices, savings, etc.

You know, once upon a time there was basically just one Big Online Bank, and we used them for our savings for years. Then interest rates plummeted and other banks came along and eventually we ended up switching. So here’s the good news, if you have some money to save (I know not everyone does, though even a few dollars a month is a good goal if you can manage it): Right now CIT Bank is offering a Savings Builder account with up to 2.45% APY, which is the highest I’ve been able to find. The other good news was that I already had an account at CIT, so I was stoked!

The bad news is that my account was a regular Money Market one and when I inquired, I was directed to open a new account, transfer funds, and close the old one, rather than something more straightforward and customer-friendly, because yes, part of how they make money is by not having the best customer service in the world. Anyway.

Want that rate? Open an account with at least $100 and either put in at least $100 each month or maintain a minimum daily balance of $25,000 (yes, I realize the first option is probably a lot more doable than the second one). It’s easy enough to link to your “everyday” bank account(s) (that’s how I fund mine) and a great way to sock away a little nest egg with the highest earnings currently available.


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