While you’re Kondo-ing…

By Mir
January 30, 2019

Everyone I know seems to be cleaning out their houses and closets with wild abandon. Does it spark joy? No? Out it goes! (Sorry, utility companies. Your bills did not spark any joy for me so I threw them away.)

I am not doing this, on account of 1) I am not that ambitious and 2) I am perfectly happy to live in the moderate level of clutter in my house. However, at the beginning of each year I do tend to take a fearless moral inventory of my sock and underwear drawers. Otherwise I keep stuff forever, and apparently you’re not supposed to do that.

Anyway! This brings me to all of the awesome clearance happening right now at American Eagle, and more specifically, the 10 panties for $30 section, which is pretty much the only place I get underwear anymore. (Ladies, if you haven’t bought from AE/Aerie before, be aware that their sizing tends more to the Juniors side of the spectrum. In other words, size up if you are a Woman Of A Certain Age, like me.) You must buy 10 pairs for the special pricing, but that’s not hard, and their underwear is pretty great.

Of course, there’s lots of other clearance, too, plus all of their swimwear is 40% off, and American Eagle uses real people as models and doesn’t airbrush, so I love them and I hope you do, too.


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