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By Mir
March 5, 2019
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Although I don’t get the same rush nowadays as I used to when there’s a new Target Beauty Box, I do still perk up a bit. And it’s like they made this March box just for me—lavender, argan oil, shea butter? That’s my beauty jam, and this month for just $7 shipped I can try $18 worth of rad new-to-me products. Plus that toner for redness-prone skin is calling my name, because one of the joys of aging (harhar) is that now my skin gets splotchy at the drop of a hat. (Middle age is awesome!)

I notice they’ve dropped the coupon for your future beauty purchase from the box (boo), but I’m still in for a cheap assortment of travel-size goodies. Target, I just can’t quit you.


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