Prime Day, all day (tomorrow, too)

By Mir
July 15, 2019
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh my goodness, I’ve been so busy I almost forgot all about Prime Day! It means that today and tomorrow the Amazon Gold Box is stuffed full to bursting with crazy deals exclusively available to Prime members.

The goodies are too numerous to count (plus new ones are popping up all the time), but I’ve already gone and snagged a few daily deals. Some of you who have given me a hard time about my addiction to cleaning wipes (ha!) should be pleased to know I’ve finally switched to these Green Works compostable wipes, which are available at an all-time-low price today of $8.60/shipped (that’s a nickel a wipe!). Also I know Licorice will still spit out her meds, but whatever, I grabbed these Greenies pill pockets for $10.84 (half off). (In case you’re wondering, Duncan doesn’t require pill pockets. Duncan eats everything. Duncan will eat rocks if you let him. Duncan is cute, but not very smart.)

Anyway, deals deals deals, you know the drill. Happy hunting!


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