No need to thank me

By Mir
October 4, 2019

It’s finally October, which means the holidays are—believe it or not—right around the corner, which means you will surely be attending a party with a White Elephant gift exchange in the next few months. The challenge there is always to bring the most ridiculous item, yes? I’ve got you.

Did you know that blindfolded Twister was a thing? Apparently it is, and today it’s half price at Amazon. Your ridiculous-item-for-under-$10 prayers have been answered, probably before you even knew you had them. You’re welcome!

If you want actual games rather than just ridiculousness, there’s a bunch of other Hasbro game markdowns happening over there. Connect Four is $5.50, Trouble is $7, Retro Battleship (man, I loved that game) is $11, Cheaters Edition Monopoly (I’m intrigued) is $10, and more. Time to stock up for rainy/snowy/sick days!


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