The clothing dilemma

By Mir
September 2, 2020

On the one hand: I am (and most of you are) mostly at home during *gestures broadly* all of this, and so clothing isn’t so much of a priority in 2020, the Year of Our Sweatpants. On the other hand: perhaps you, like me, have been eating your way through the pandemic. Ahem. In which case maybe you do need some new clothes.

I did, so I just scooped up some amazing deals at LOFT because right now nearly everything is an additional 60% off with coupon code HOORAY, including already-deeply-discounted Final Sale items. I got some comfy things to wear around the house, and a couple of nicer items (that were too cheap to resist) to remind me that maybe, someday, we’ll go back out into the world.

I’m not telling you what to do, I’m just letting you know it’s a pretty good sale. And also that I need to stop baking so much.


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