It’s practically the holidays, right?

By Mir
September 24, 2020
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Time has lost all meaning. 2020 has dragged on for forty years. I know less every day. Still, I have recently begun to look forward to the holidays, because I need something to look forward to, and they’re actually not that far off. So what am I doing? I’m shopping for stocking stuffers. Why not?

Amazon currently has this 4-pack of Gorilla Glue minis available for just $5.27 shipped if you have Prime, which is its lowest price ever, plus it’s 4 stocking stuffers, boom, you’re on your way. We like Gorilla Glue better than Super Glue for those annoying little projects that pop up, so these are handy to have around and I know they’ll get used. Plus, I always put some Gorilla Glue in my husband’s stocking, because I’m a romantic.

Alternatively, you can use them to glue all your doors shut to keep the world and the pandemic out. Whatever.

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  1. Been meaning to thank you for pointing this out. I got these and it spurred me to get a few other things because I’m usually MUCH further along in my shopping but… 2020, amiright?

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