Calling all dinosaur fans!

By Mir
October 15, 2020

Prime Day may be over (I ordered so many little things over the last couple of days I half expected my credit card company to call, but perhaps they have me marked down as “frenzied stocking stuffer shopping in October and November” already?), but the deals at Amazon keep going. Anyone who’s been reading here a long time likely remembers my great fondness for the pop-up books of Sabuda & Reinhart, as they combine two of my favorite things—great reading and beautiful art.

Today Amazon has their Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs available for just $19.50 with a clippable coupon code another $3.84 off. That’s just $15.66 for a book with a MSRP of $43! And it will be one you cherish and pass down, too. It’s stunning.

It almost—almost!—makes me wish I had grandchildren.


  1. I just got this and my original plan was to give it to my small niece or maybe to a friend, but I might just keep it for myself!

  2. even a day late and it worked for this price, and i have niece infatuated with dinos, so i can’t wait for christmas.

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