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Is it Kohls time again? You betcha

Hello! Did I run off and leave you last week? I apologize. I’m in a show right now and last week was tech and then opening weekend and, well, if you’re not a theater person the easiest way I can describe it is that the week before a show opens is like cramming for finals and having your first baby all rolled up in one. Exhilarating! Amazing! But also exhausting! So. If it makes you feel any better, I also haven’t fed my family for a week. (See? Doesn’t feel so bad now, right?)

Anyway! I’ve slept and I’m back. And so is Kohls, right on time with the last big sale where you can expect to get shipping in time for Christmas. Eeeeeverything is on sale, of course, with endless pages of doorbusters, $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend plus free shipping on $50+, and then you can stack up the coupons to make it even better.

Kohls charge card holders can use coupon code JOY30 for an extra 30% off, and code DECFREEMVC for free shipping on any size order; everyone can use code USAVEMORE for 15% off any order or 20% off your $100+ order, plus—and I think this may be a first—coupon code HOME15 takes an additional 15% off most kitchen/dining items and it stacks with other percentage off coupons. So if you’re wanting a big-ticket kitchen item and you’re a card holder, you can use both JOY30 and HOME15 together. (Do remember that 30% + 15% does not equal 45% off, because they’ll take the 30% first and then the 15% off the remainder, but still, savings are savings.) Be aware that the extra home savings are only good through 11:59 tonight (Monday, December 10th).

I’m done shopping but, uh, I should probably go poke around just to see if there’s anything I forgot, right? Right.

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Gifts for geeks are always in style, rarely on sale

It’s not often that ThinkGeek has a sale, and they did have one last week, but rightthisverysecond they are having a flash sale for the next four hours only. Until 5:00 pm Eastern tonight (Monday, December 3rd), use coupon code HALFELF to take 50% off everything on the site, even items already on sale!

Shipping is automatically free on $35+. Lots of items are cleared out thanks to the previous sale, but if you want something that’s still available, well, today’s your lucky day.

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If they don’t make you laugh, check your pulse

Honestly, I came to tell you that Tillys is having a big ol’ flash sale today—30% off tons of items, with an additional 30-50% off items already on clearance, plus free shipping on every order. I mean, that alone is worthy of a post, especially if you have tweens or teens. But. Y’all. I have always purchased Vans from Tillys because they have great sales even on the limited edition and licensed lines, and my kids do appreciate cool shoes. Never in my wildest imaginings, though, did I know that this morning I would run across these Hulk Vans slip-ons. Please look at them for a minute. I promise they’ll make your day better.

My manchild needs those, right? Especially when you consider that Tillys has just about all sizes in stock, and should you even be able to find them elsewhere, they’re gonna cost a lot more than $30. (For reference: they don’t even have the size I need at Amazon, but the closest I can get would cost me $65. No thanks!)

No joke, I ordered them almost an hour ago and I’m still laughing.

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Why yes, I do have more book suggestions!

When my kids were little, we often did the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” approach to the holidays, which I loved. (Especially now that it’s more like “no Christmas presents for you because I just furnished your apartment over the summer… except you still need new boots and I found this other cute stuff too… dangit!”) Then, of course, I always cheated and made the “something to read” gift a whole stack of books, because: Books! You can never have too many books, right? Right!

Today at Amazon they’ve got the ridiculously well-rated and gorgeous Maps marked down to just $21 (40% off!) and then you can apply coupon code NOVBOOK18 to take another $5 off, making it $16 shipped. This is the perfect gift for those in the 7-11 age range, or really anyone who loves geography.

If that isn’t quite right, they’ve also got The 50 States marked down to $20.40 (not quite as good savings as Maps but still good, especially with the book coupon).

And if neither of those are quite enough, well, there’s The Atlas of Adventures or The Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures for $20.40 (both are coupon eligible, too, for another $5 off).

‘Tis the season to get your kids learning while they think they’re just having fun, folks.

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Nostalgia or new, Calvin and Hobbes is always perfect

I don’t care if you buy this for yourself or a fellow adult who just loved this strip back in the day or for your reluctant reader or, really, even if you buy it for your dog. It’s that good of a deal. It doesn’t matter! Right now Amazon has The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set marked down to $44.61—its lowest price ever—plus you can apply coupon code NOVBOOK18 to this or any other Amazon-sold $20+ book purchase to save another $5.

That’s over 1,400 pages of Calvin and Hobbes for just under $40 shipped. (Best comic ever or best comic ever? I’m sayin’.)

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Cyber Monday at Target

Is there ever a time I don’t need something at Target? Probably not. If you don’t need gifts, heck, the additional 15% off nearly everything today (not to mention the free shipping on any size order) is reason enough to stock up on all the regular stuff you’d be buying, anyway. There’s all kinds of sales and deals happening, too.

And if you are looking for a gift for that impossible-to-buy-for person, may I suggest a gem that’s sure to either delight or infuriate? Target has this Ravensburger 18,000-piece puzzle (NOT A TYPO) marked down to $60, with another 15% taken off of that, so it’s just $51 shipped. (For reference, your cheapest option at Amazon is $165.)

Or you could just buy Nyquil or whatever, I guess. But man, I am really intrigued by that puzzle.

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It wouldn’t be Black Friday without shoe deals

How did I almost make it to lunchtime without a shoe deal roundup??? I’m slipping. Need shoes for the family? Check it out:

Speaking of slipping, I of course just bought my fast-food-working kid some SafeTstep kitchen shoes at Payless last week when they were 40% off, feeling very smug, but today the entire store is 50% off, plus you only need to spend $25+ to get free shipping.

While I’m a little miffed that isn’t doing their typical “new deal every hour” thing today, they did put out coupon code BLKFRIYAY for an additional 10% off their already crazy good deals, plus right now every order ships for free.

Famous Footwear is offering Buy One, Get One Half Off + 15% off your order and free shipping with coupon code BFEVENT18 today, so it’s a great time to stock up on whatever you’ve been eying.

And of course you don’t want to miss out over at, where they’ve got up to 75% off, already, and you can use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY for another 30% off almost everything. Shipping is free on any order.

Go forth and acquire fabulous kicks, my friends.

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If there’s a gamer in the house…

… you’re not going to want to miss the Black Friday Deals at GameStop. I mean, sure, nothing special there… just some $299 1TB Minecraft XBox One bundles… or spend the same amount for a select Nintendo Switch Bundle (already a big savings) and also get a $50 GameStop gift card with it. Stuff like that.

No one show any of these deals to my kid, okay?

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Now let’s all plan to play cards

Ugh. I’d been putting off that last post for a long time. Thanks for being so nice about it! Now we can get back to shopping!

Right now there’s all kinds of marked down card games for the whole family at Amazon, and I do love to stick these babies in stockings even for my adult kids. (Fun fact: My oldest still insists her favorite thing in the world is Phase 10. She beats me every single time.) All of the following are highly-rated and at their cheapest price ever (or close to it). Check it out:

Classic Uno is just $3.99 (60% off)
Uno Dare is $4.59 (only 34% off, but a fun upgrade if you’re ready for a change)
Phase 10 is $3.99 (60% off, and my daughter’s favorite)
Rook is $3.99 (50% off)
Farkle Flip is $4.64 (54% off, Add-On item)
Monopoly Deal is $4.99 (50% off, Add-On item)
Man Bites Dog is $5.15 (60% off, Add-On item)

Stocking stuffers that keep the kids hanging out with you long after the last present is unwrapped? Priceless!

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Stack the Veterans Day deals at Kohls

The true meaning of the holiday aside, Kohls will grab any excuse to practically pay you to shop. So get ready to save:

There’s doorbusters galore, plus everyone gets $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 spent, and free shipping on your $50 purchase automatically. Everyone can use the $10 off $25+ coupon code VETERANS and/or the $10 off $50+ Home coupon code NOVHOME10, and Kohls credit card holders can also stack coupon code APPLE30 for an additional 30% off and code MVCFREENOV for free shipping on any size order! See? I wasn’t kidding about them practically paying you to shop. I’m pretty sure this is the sale I used to buy our Fiestaware last year (yep, that was our Christmas present to each other, because nothing says romance like new dishes).

Get the deals before the coupon codes expire tonight!

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