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So here’s a new thing

Hello! You may have noticed that there’s a new display doohickey (technical term) along the side of the blog now, and that leads to my Poshmark closet. For the last few months I’ve started working on both cleaning out some excess and turning my love of actual, physical thrifting into a revenue stream instead of just being someone who has way too many clothes. (Although, listen, I recently found myself the softest cashmere cardigan in the history of ever for a dollar. True story.) I’m still wading through literal stacks of clothing to list, but I’m getting there.

So! What does this mean? Well, first of all, if you haven’t joined Poshmark yet, and you elect to, you can put wantnotdotnet as your invite code and you’ll get a $5 credit toward your first purchase and I’ll get a $5 credit for inviting you. That’s good, because it saves you money and I am still getting the hang of not spending all my proceeds (because, seriously, some of the deals there are bananas). Second, I will give an automatic 10% off to any blog reader who shops my closet and buys 1-2 items, plus I offer an automatic 15% off to everyone if you buy 3+ items, but for blog readers I will make that 20%. The only hitch here is that communication on Poshmark is somewhat limited, so you either need to email me or comment on an item (“Love your blog” or “longtime blog reader” or whatever you want) so that I know to give you the discount. Note that items have prices, but you can either make an offer on a single item or create a bundle and then make an offer on the bundle.

Anyway, that’s part of what I’ve been up to, and another way you can save some money with me these days. Questions? Comments? Requests? Hit me up!

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Here, I make an exception for shipping

You know how I like to say that paying for shipping is for suckers. Most of the time, I think that’s true. Many (most?) online retailers offer free shipping one way or another, with some regularity. One of the very few exceptions I make to this rule is when Dillard’s takes an additional 40% off their clearance like they’re doing right now. Dillard’s charges a flat $10(ish; I think it’s $9.95) for shipping no matter what, always. And that’s a bummer. But. When they start taking these additional discounts on clearance items, I nearly always go ahead and shop them anyway. It’s a great time to pick up an otherwise expensive bed linen set, or a kitchen electric, or even a fancy dress (prom season will be here before you know it). And yes, I’d rather not pay for shipping, but these savings usually make it worth it.

And while I’m browsing (did I mention that my oldest has come out of her shell in college and I had no idea there were so many formals and semi-formals because she never went to any of them in high school…?), let me just say that the trend toward fancy-schmancy gowns having pockets is delighting me to no end.

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Savings for the cool kids

It’s another big sale at Tillys, and because I once gave birth to two adorable small babies who are now both taller than I am and supposed adults with style, this pleases me. Tillys specializes in clothing, shoes, and accessories for the trendy, and is one of my favorite places to pick up expensive sneakers on the cheap.

So right now they have their sale items marked down again with as much as an additional 70% off, and you automatically get free shipping on your $49+ order. But! Coupon code H2W64ZMHNFRP will get you free shipping on any size order, plus if you find yourself grabbing stuff at regular price (hey, that’s not my style, but you do you), the code will also take an extra 20% off your highest-price non-sale item.

Anyway, whether you’re looking for a unicorn headband and some bath bombs or a cool pair of Vans, chances are today’s the right day to score a deal.

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Happy Presidents’ Day!

Listen, you know the drill: It’s a shopping holiday, and that means that Kohls has doorbusters and deals and coupons.

Have a Kohls charge card? You can use coupon code PINK30 for 30% off, plus code FEBMVCFREE for free shipping on any size order. Everyone gets free shipping on $75+, and everyone can use coupon code COLD for 15% off any order or 20% off $100+. There are departmental coupons that stack, too: HOME10 takes $10 off your qualifying $50+ home purchase, BABYSALE20 takes 20% off your qualifying baby/maternity purchase, and LUGGAGE50 takes $50 off your qualifying $200+ purchase of luggage (pssst, got a kid graduating this spring—this is the way to get that prep done).

Happy hunting!

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Cute cotton jammies for the kids

True story: When my kids were little I spent countless hours stalking those striped Hanna Andersson jammies at my local thrift stores. They were so cute! So comfy! And so ridiculously expensive. (Swedish cotton comes from unicorns, I guess.) I did score a few pairs along the way, but I spent entirely too much time on that particular endeavor. Ah, to be young and dumb again!

But you don’t have to! Because now lots of other companies make similar all-cotton jammies, and for way less money. Why, I’d happily buy any of these striped options or these adorable girly patterns for one or both of my kids if they still fit (um, my kids are adults and these only go up to size 12 or so…), even at full price. But pick any of ’em right now and apply coupon code A45T62OB to take half off, making the most expensive ones just $8.50/set, and many just $7/set.

The reviews are great and the prices can’t be beat. You kids today have it too easy, y’know. Hmph. Get off my lawn.

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Basics and more, with markdowns and free shipping

Do you know about UNIQLO? They’re sort of like what would happen if H&M and Zara had a baby. So the (regular) prices are already good, the quality is excellent, and the sales are unbeatable.

Today they’re offering free shipping on every single order, and there’s tons of items in the clearance to peruse. This would be a great time to stock up on outerwear and other cold-weather items, for example.

If you’re a new customer, you’ll also have the option to sign up for their mailing list to get a code for $10 off your first $75+ order. If you’re buying a lot, that’s definitely worth doing. But, heck, on these free shipping days, I’ve been known to just grab a pair of socks. (It’s my own little version of carpe diem.)

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More clearanced clearance

Looking for more crazy clothing deals? Right now all of the clearance merchandise at Express is an additional 50% off when you add it to your cart! Everything else is 40% off, too.

I forget, sometimes, that Express also carries men’s clothes. If you’ve got a hip guy in your life (or a fast-growing teen), check out the clearance suit separates. This is the perfect way to get those fancy duds without breaking the bank, especially if the guy who’ll wear ’em is just going to grow out of them in a month.

Shipping is free on $50+, otherwise it’s a flat $8. Happy hunting!

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While you’re Kondo-ing…

Everyone I know seems to be cleaning out their houses and closets with wild abandon. Does it spark joy? No? Out it goes! (Sorry, utility companies. Your bills did not spark any joy for me so I threw them away.)

I am not doing this, on account of 1) I am not that ambitious and 2) I am perfectly happy to live in the moderate level of clutter in my house. However, at the beginning of each year I do tend to take a fearless moral inventory of my sock and underwear drawers. Otherwise I keep stuff forever, and apparently you’re not supposed to do that.

Anyway! This brings me to all of the awesome clearance happening right now at American Eagle, and more specifically, the 10 panties for $30 section, which is pretty much the only place I get underwear anymore. (Ladies, if you haven’t bought from AE/Aerie before, be aware that their sizing tends more to the Juniors side of the spectrum. In other words, size up if you are a Woman Of A Certain Age, like me.) You must buy 10 pairs for the special pricing, but that’s not hard, and their underwear is pretty great.

Of course, there’s lots of other clearance, too, plus all of their swimwear is 40% off, and American Eagle uses real people as models and doesn’t airbrush, so I love them and I hope you do, too.

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Epic (if slightly confused) clearance

Listen, I don’t know what’s going on over at Old Navy, exactly, and apparently neither do they. I mean, the site clearly states that you’ll get an automatic additional 40% off Clearance items in your cart, and yet those same items are marked “25% off taken at checkout” like maybe 25 is more than 40.

Well, they may be a little confused (or possibly bad at math?), but regardless: All Clearance is, indeed, another 40% off at checkout, and there’s a huge assortment of markdowns from which to choose. If Clearance doesn’t do it for you (seems impossible, but okay), everything else on the site is at least 25% off, too.

They’ve also got a coupon on the site you can print out and take to the store, but that requires putting on pants, soooo….

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A little of this, a little of that

You know those stores you tend to walk into needing just one thing and $100 later you walk out…? No? Just me? Oh. Cool.

Uh, anyway, TJ Maxx/HomeGoods is definitely one of those places for me, so I was both happy and wary when they started their online store. But some days—like today!—they offer free shipping on any size order, and that makes it a lot easier to grab just a couple of things. Say, for the gift closet, or because you need socks. Whatever.

I’ll even make it easy for you: here’s their clearance items, sorted by price. There’s some nice little body/beauty product gems in there! And whatever you order, today it ships for free.

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