This year, make Mom Flip

By Mir
April 28, 2008

Flip Ultra VideoIt’s nearly Mother’s Day, folks. Mama wants a camcorder that fits in her purse.

You can buy the Flip Ultra Series 60-minute Camcorder from Amazon right now for $139.99, which—trust me—is a pretty great price for this tiny little powerhouse, but why would you do that when you could win one from me, instead?

Because you can. Win one, that is. I’m giving away a Flip to one lucky Want Not reader this week. Then you can give it to your mother or keep it for yourself if you’re a mother, or just do whatever you want with it regardless of your parenting status because, dude, it’ll be all yours.

Check out the Official Flip Site for more info, as well as this great blog entry comparing the Flip to a much fancier camcorder (hint: sometimes spending more money doesn’t make sense). And then come enter for your chance to win what is possibly the coolest prize I’ve ever given away here.

For your shot at winning the Flip Video Ultra (60-minute model) which I have sitting right here on my desk, leave a comment on this entry before 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008. One comment per person, please! Winner to be determined by random drawing and the pitch of my husband’s wails as he protests that it’s not fair that I’m giving away a 60-minute Flip when the one we own is but a 30-minute Flip. (Okay, I may have to take time out from selecting the winner to play my teeny, tiny violin for him. Just sayin’.)



  1. I am flipping for this contest!
    Thanks Mir– keep up the good work

  2. Wow! That would be very cool!


  4. I’ve been researching this camcorder and lusting after it for a month now! What a fantastic giveaway. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂

  5. You are so pretty! We have no video of our twins — one of those things we should have for posterity, methinks.

  6. Ooooh, I have been asking for one of these!!

  7. Count me in… this mamma would love it, my daughter turns 2 on Mothers day this year! So a doubly blessed day!

  8. I’ve always wanted one of these. Great contest!

  9. my bff has one of these and loves it! i would love to be twinnies. please please please pick me!!

  10. What are the chances the random number generator will pick a super low number? Here’s hoping!

  11. How awesome is this, I am always needing a camcorder when i’m out with my kids and now I might be able to reach into my purse and grab one!!

  12. Awesome! Pick me, oh pretty random number generator!

  13. This is too cool!

  14. wow! dh would flip for this!

  15. ive got 2 under two and there changing every day this mamma would have hours of fun with this!

  16. That would be awesome to have!! It would be great for my sons ball games!

  17. How very cool! Good contest!

  18. I NEED THIS! I have 2 kids with nothing recorded on video of either of them. I would just flip to have this!

  19. That would be soooo awesome!!

  20. Pleeeeeeeease? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  21. Love it.

  22. You and your site are the best. Does sucking up count?

  23. I’m in.. thanks.

  24. Would love one! So cool how small it is to fit in your purse or pocket. Our camcorder now has duct tape on the eye piece to hold it on. This one seems so much…prettier!

  25. OH OH OH I want one of these soooooo bad. You are so sweet to offer up something so wonderful.

  26. Great giveaway. I really would turn this over to my mom, reluctantly. We were talking about getting her a camera and bringing her into this century for Mother’s Day.

  27. AWE SHUCKS! This ole gramma has NEVER EVER owned a camcorder of any sorts! Nor has she EVER EVER WON ANYTHING in her ole lifetime!

  28. Wow…this would be awesome to have….crossing my fingers and toes that I get picked!!!!!

  29. Oh, this looks sweet! I want it!

  30. This would be great to bring on our upcoming vacation…and to save space in our luggage like you suggest!!

  31. Dear Random Number Generator:

    Pick me!


  32. You are the best!! Does flattery improve my chances?!!

  33. Please let this be the lucky number!

    You’re so pretty, Mir. So are you Random Number Generator!

  34. this so so cool…crossing my fingers

  35. It would so UNFAIR if I didn’t win . . . . .

    KThanksBye . . .


  36. Dear Random Number Generator,

    I will be your BFF if you pick me. Kisses and hugs! Ann

  37. Sign me up…random selector, please pick me!

  38. Would love to have one of these – just to capture those crazy moments when I wish I could have caught it on tape. We have lots of those moments around here!

  39. I was going to buy this- winning would be SO MUCH COOLER!

  40. I love the Flip and would be thrilled to win – please pick ME!
    Just another tip on a good price: has the 60min. Flip in white or pink for only $119.99 with shipping included!!! Now that is a low price :0)

  41. Oh, please, let this be mine. They are so cool!!!

  42. soooooo need one of these

  43. Yes, please! My mom wouldn’t know what to do with it but the kids would sure have fun!

  44. Random number generator…you’re sooooo pretty 🙂

  45. Wow, this is a great contest!

  46. I would love to win this for my mom, Mir!

  47. Pick me, Pick Me!!!

  48. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  49. So incredibly cool!!!!!!!

  50. my turn this time!

  51. This would be great!

  52. This would be awesome, especially since we lost ours over the weekend 🙁

  53. Officially crossing my fingers!

  54. I want it!

  55. I’d love to win!

  56. Wow! Great contest! Enter me, please!

  57. Oooh, i want one.

  58. I want to win!!!!

  59. Eeeep! I have been coveting this. My older son is going to be away for Mother’s Day and this would almost (but not quite)make up for it. I know, cue the tiny violin….

  60. To win this would be fulfilling this grandma’s dream!

  61. I would really love to win!

  62. Ooooh! Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  63. ooo that’s pretty

  64. A Flip would be a great prize!

  65. Keeping my eyes, er, fingers, crossed!

  66. Wow! That’s neat. Pick me!!

  67. Looks like fun!


  68. Pretty, pretty Mir! I would love to be able to record my daughter’s Special Olympics swim meets!

  69. w00t!

  70. ooooooooh, I’ve heard great things about these. I’m crossing my fingers that I win, because if I do win, I’m keeping it all to myself. 😉

  71. Wowza, when you say its a big prize, you deliver!

  72. Ok, I’ll give it a shot! Pick me!

  73. *comment comment comment*

    LOLLLLZ, I am 100.2% sure this will be your record comment-bringer. You were right, this is an awesome contest!

  74. I keep trying but the Random Number Generator keeps hating!

  75. Eeeek! I have been thinking about getting one of these lately, but winning one would be even better!!! Fingers crossed! What a great giveaway!

  76. This would be great! It would be so nice to have a small camcorder. It’s a lot lighter to lug around!

  77. Awesome tiny camcorder. Never even seen that before. Mom really would flip. 🙂 Thanks!!!

  78. Mir, you are awesome! This contest is guaranteed to break your comments record!

    Oh, and pick me! 😉

  79. Fun Mir. Your stuff keeps getting better and better. If I could only list all the things I have bought because of you. You are great. THANKS!

  80. Very cool! I would love to have a flip!

  81. Our camcorder has died. But it would have never fit in my purse. This one is great! Thanks Mir (and the random number generator)

  82. Oh, this would be wonderful!

  83. Pick me! Pick me! Pick Me!

  84. You have the coolest giveaways! Keep ’em coming Mir!

  85. I so, so, so want a camcorder…If I wait until Wednesday, think the Amazon deal will still be on?


  86. That would be totally cool to own….and carry…..and use! My grand babies would have many more movies to star in!!

  87. Would love to have the camera! I have a 2 year old that I need to film!

  88. Yes. Please!

  89. Oh, how cool! I’ve been using the video-capture feature on my 2-year-old’s camera. 🙂

  90. I’ve had one of these in a holding pattern in my Amazon cart for ages, never could justify the splurge. I’d love to win it instead!

  91. how cool! i have had my eye on the flip for some time now. thanks!

  92. Sweet! This would be awesome!

  93. Thanks for the great give-away!

  94. Yay! I would love it.

  95. I’d love to take that off your hands for you!!

  96. I would love to win this! With four children and our old camcorder breaking down when child number 3 was four….I need to take some video of the littlest so she won’t need therapy when she’s older!

  97. My momma would love this new toy!

  98. pretty…shiny…

  99. This would be great! Thanks for the great giveaways

  100. Lucky number 100!

  101. Me me me. I ween nozzing.

  102. So Cool!! Pick Me!!! Please!!

  103. Kindergarten graduation is coming up soon–this would be the perfect to capture my sobs for posterity . . .

  104. lovely mir, pick me, pick me, pick me and not just because i think you’re pretty but because i am BEYOND desperate for an idea for my m-i-l. thanks for all the great contests and tips…

  105. Wow — you promised a biggee, and you delivered! This would be so awesome, with my nearly three year old I shudder at how many things we’ve missed on tape (so darn pricey…) so this would be, well, a poifect Mother’s Day gift for moi and my little family.

    Why I’m going on like this I haven’t a clue. It’s all up to your randomizer, and thus far, it hasn’t randomly found me in many of your past contests.

    Hello there pretty randomizer. You’re soooooo pretty in your randomness. So, so pretty.

  106. I am desperate to get one of these.

  107. Enter me! VERY COOL!

  108. That would be sooo cool!

  109. So cool! This would be great timing as t-ball season is just beginning. Thanks pretty Mir!

  110. Just in case it makes a difference to the randomizer….You are very pretty!!!

  111. 60 minutes! Yahoo!

  112. me please!!

  113. this is me begging……

    finally, my kids might actually get videotaped!

  114. Lucky 113!

  115. I love that it would fit in my purse!!!

  116. I would love this!

  117. I would totally keep it for myself. But that’s okay, right, since I’m a Mom?? Thanks, Mir!

  118. I love how small it is. I would love to give it to my mom so she can record her grandkids!!

  119. Oh, pretty Mir….I would be eternally grateful if you select me to win this. I promise to take lots of quality, embarassing family videos with it.

  120. totally cool.

  121. Me! Please!

  122. WOW! That would be really cool! I have never heard of that before. WE still have the 8 mm camera. I was just thinking yesterday at my daughter’s dance recital how out of date we are. 🙂

  123. I FLIP for Mir and WantNot! What a great opportunity. Thanks!!

  124. You are super pretty. That camera would definitely come in handy with a 19 month old in the house.

  125. mememememememe…please pick me 🙂 Or not, I’ll still keep reading 🙂

  126. I really want one of those!

  127. Oh girl – that looks too cool. Thanks for the opportunity and have a great week.

  128. Love your site!

  129. Pick me, pick me pretty Mir!

  130. Ooooh! A camera. Would love one.

  131. Ooohhh, you gorgeous girl you. I’ve been eyeing (eying?) the flip for awhile. Great giveaway. Did I mention how pretty you are?

  132. Heh, poor Otto. That would be awesome. 🙂

  133. Please enter me…. thanks!

  134. Reduce my son’s future therapy costs by picking me! We have no video of him, only my older daughter because our camera is laaame.

  135. OMG This would be a dream come true!! Please please pretty Mir and beautiful number generator PICK ME!!

  136. Neato, o pretty one!

  137. pick me! pick me!!

  138. Wow, totally cool prize, pretty pretty Mir! I’d even be happy with the 30 minute Flip.

  139. How neat! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  140. I don’t use my current camcorder because it is such a pain to upload the video to my computer. I would love to have something this simple!

  141. You keep outdoing yourself! What a fantastic Mother’s Day present this would make for my mom.

  142. WOW- My Mom would love one of these!
    Hope I get a lucky number for the randomizer!

  143. Oh, wow! My mom’s a first-time grandma, and we just moved her grandbaby all the way across the country with us. She’d be so excited if we could use this to make fun baby movies for her!

  144. Oh, Mir … Have I mentioned how pretty and brilliant you are?

    I’ve been wanting a nice recorder for, oh, about forever. ^_^

    And you’re so TOTALLY pretty and wonderful.

  145. Oooh. That’d be a blast!

  146. What a great prize!

  147. We would have a blast with that on our upcoming vacation! *fingers crossed*

  148. So COOL! Our current videocamera seems to be giving up/giving out… we owuld love one of these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. I asked for this for my birthday coming up in June

  150. Love your blog, pretty Mir!
    Thank you!

  151. Wow! Thanks for doing this. If this ol’ body could even stand up without creaking, I might consider a flip…

  152. I would LOVE one of these!

    *fingers crossed*

  153. I’m flipping out for this!!

  154. That sounds great. Pick me! You pretty person!!!

  155. Wow…I love wantnot!! Thanks for the chance!

  156. You were right, this will be a big one.

  157. Great giveaway Mir – thanks so much!

  158. I love your site!! Pick me…!!

  159. Here, Flip! Here, pretty Flip! Good boy!

  160. Yipppppeeee!

  161. Thanks, Mir!!

  162. Mir, you’re SO PRETTY! And you have the BEST SHOES!

  163. I love love LOVE our Flip camera, and I would really love to give one to my mom for Mother’s Day!!

  164. Great Contest … great blog. Pick me please.

  165. Picture this…Me LOVING you Mir! I bet that camera would just highlight your pretty prettiness! I would love it : )

  166. OMG I’m in love, and then I could take video to show my mom! And she would love it!

  167. Oh how awesome! Can’t wait to see if I’m the big winner!

  168. This would be great for that…I sure would like to remember this moment, moment.

  169. I didn’t read all previous comments, so this has probably been said before, but–this is flippin’ great!!

  170. I love the Flip! Especially how easy it is to transfer video files to the computer. My fingers are crossed!!

  171. Ooh OOh pick me……pretty please with sugar on top 🙂

  172. Love that!

  173. WOW! I am sending good vibes to the randomizer!!!!!!


  175. I need one! Too many cute kitty moments are going by *without* being recorded.

  176. Moi aussi!

  177. I bought 3 for my school library and they are fabulous. Now I need one for me!

  178. Oh me mememememememmeme.

  179. Pick me!

  180. Pick me!

  181. *fingers crossed*

    pick me!


  183. This is just too cool!

  184. Oh this would be wonderful, pretty Mir!

  185. Fun stuff!

  186. Oooh, I really hope I win this one!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  187. No way I’m going to win again, but a girl can dream! ; )

  188. OK, WOW! That’s some contest!

  189. Count me in!!! Woo Hoo !!!!!!!!!

  190. I would LOVE this!! I’m currently using my digital camera for video :).

  191. Wow…I’d love a chance.
    Thanks! 🙂

  192. Pick me! Pick me!

  193. I’ve been wanting one of these. If I win, Happy Mother’s Day to me! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  194. Maybe this will be my lucky number this time! Let’s hope! 🙂

  195. Please Please Pleeeeease!

  196. How do you do it?! Thanks for the chance to win.

  197. That would be SO cool to have!

  198. I’ve been wanting one of these!

  199. Count me in for the contest. YAY!

  200. You are so flippin’ popular!!!

  201. I would love this. Thanks.

  202. This is awesome. Thanks.

  203. Thank you!

  204. Will this be my lucky contest?

  205. My mom would love to immortalize her grandchildren more often!

  206. whoa — flip that random number my way!

  207. I (almost) never win, but not for lack of trying! I did have a good run at the Bloggy Giveaways in the fall, so I assume I’ve used my luck up for the rest of my life 🙂

  208. This would be the best present ever!

  209. This would be the best mother’s day present ever!

  210. Wow over 200 entries already. Maybe 210 is a lucky number :).!!!!

  211. This is fantastic! Thanks.

  212. PICK ME! Yes, I’m needy… our other VCR broke…

  213. 212 has such a nice ring.

    Mir, you are so pretty! Thanks for the chance.

  214. Go lucky 211!

  215. How cool!!!! I love your site, but the contests are like the pretty sprinkles on top of an already yummy cupcake!


  217. mamma needs herself one of these!! puh-leeeeze???

  218. Yes Please!

  219. Sure could use a nice little camcorder as such!

  220. Mama would be tickled pink!

  221. This is awesome, I’d use it every day!

  222. Thank you….in advance.

  223. Pretty pretty Mir pick me!

  224. I would LOVE a small camcorder for my trip to Hawaii! 🙂

  225. One of these days, I will win a contest here. Maybe it’s this time?

  226. Oh, pretty, pretty Mir, the patron saint of all things sensible and thrifty, stretch out your prudent hand and favor me with the grace of your economical blessing, which in this case will reside in the physical form of the aforementioned Flip camcorder…

    For a balanced budget (and winning comment) we pray…amen.


  228. I would love this to take video of my new baby!

  229. I would ‘flip’ if I won. (Sorry, couldn’t think of a better comment.)

  230. Would be so great to have one of these during deployments…

  231. Pehaps the only thing prettier than the prize is you 🙂
    just sayin….

  232. Beautiful MIR, Happy early Mothers Day to YOU!

  233. Wow. You weren’t kidding with all of the hype! That being said…

    PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!

  234. Wow, that is an incredible giveaway. You have now gone beyond generous.

  235. I’ll take one!

  236. Whoo-Hoo! Count me in! Otherwise, you’ll need to save a violin song for me too!

  237. Oh pretty Mir, this is the Rolls Royce of giveaways! We’ve just moved to the beach and being able to film our first summer in our new surroundings for easy transfer to the family overseas would be such a treat – for everyone!

  238. Here’s hoping!!!

  239. Pick me! xxoo

  240. This looks like it would be a great way to save some family memories 🙂 Thanks Mir!

  241. I love contests!

  242. Ooh, this could help make up for the fact that we have no video at all of our younger son (our camcorder died before he was born)!

  243. Would so love to win this – thanks for the contest!

  244. MemememememeME!

  245. Oh yes, this would be so nice to have….so please random number picker, pick me! 🙂

  246. Definitely the coolest contest!

  247. I would love this!!! Please pick me–my 16 week old son won’t be getting me anything for Mother’s Day! =)

  248. Pick me! I would love to win this one!

  249. How very cool! Getting my entry in!

  250. Me Please. 🙂

  251. oh please please pick me!!

  252. Fabulous! NEW! Videos!

  253. Ooooh! I really would love this!

  254. Daughter’s wedding coming in May – could certainly put a Flip to good use! Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for good luck!

  255. Thank you for this opportunity.

  256. My mom is actually going to Ireland this september and this would be awesome, cant really afford to buy her one since I am still paying off the trip.

  257. Ooh, ooh, pick me. 🙂

  258. What a nifty thing! I requested a massage for Mother’s Day, but this might just beat that! 🙂

  259. This would be wunnerful. Thank you! I hope your husband gets over it.

  260. Hello! Please pick me? 🙂

  261. That looks awesome!! Pretty pretty Mir.

  262. That FLIP would be a great mother’s day present indeed!

  263. yes please!

  264. Love it! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  265. I think 265 is the magic number! Pick me Mir and the fancy randome number generator!
    xo, C

  266. Holy Moly I would love one of these! My Mom wouldn’t be able to figure it out, but I can certainly use it to make videos of the grandkids for her! She’d love that since she only gets to see them once a year (we’re military and live across the country). Please pick me pretty Mir!

  267. My mother certainly would love this, and she deserves it too! Hoping…

  268. oooh….pick me please oh so pretty Mir!
    I would love this for my very first mother’s day!

  269. Thanks, Mir!

  270. I would love, love, love it!

  271. So cool! Fingers crossed!

  272. great gift for me, a rookie mom!

  273. Pretty please pick me, random number generator!

  274. Comment!

  275. This would be so great for my family! Pick me!

  276. Nice prize!

  277. What a flipping great prize – pick me!!!

  278. Those are about the coolest thing I’ve seen. My kids will never be safe from the camera now.

  279. Pick me please! I’m two weeks away from having my second baby and don’t have a camcorder right now.

  280. oh my gosh
    this is the coolest thing ever!!
    Crossing my fingers and toes that I win!!!

  281. I hope I win this time!

  282. Wow, you have some of the best giveaways! Here’s hoping I win!

  283. count me in.

  284. Nice prize! Count me in too.

  285. If I win I will take the 30 minute Flip and you can keep the 60 minute one. Deal? Deal.

  286. I bet I could out-wail your hubby. :>) Thanks!

  287. Thanks for the chance!
    ~Cate’s mommy

  288. Oh – pick me!!! I’m a mom and I’d love this!!!

  289. That’d be an awesome gift for my first Mother’s Day!

  290. Okay, random number generator, pick me please! Its my turn to win 😉

  291. Happy Mother’s Day! (to me!)

  292. wow, what a wonderful mother’s day gift that would be!. pick me, oh wise and beautiful random number generator!

  293. I’ve wanting this for at least 6 months now! I hope the lovely number deal picks me 🙂

  294. Wow that is cool!

  295. A Flip would be an awesome way to celebrate the awesomeness of my favorite mother – me!

  296. I’ve heard great things about the Flip – we desperately need a camcorder to catch all the adorable things our 18-month old does (and some of the non-adorable things, so we can look back and laugh).

  297. very nice!

  298. Wow, Mir! This is the best contest evah! Count me in on the ones that have been drooling over these for a while. Crossing my fingers!!!

  299. I would love to have this camcorder! It just so happens that my birthday falls on Mother’s Day this year!

  300. Very, very cool.

  301. Oooh, I’ve had my eye on this for quite awhile now. I hope I win, although I never win anything. Sigh. You never know, though!

  302. It would be useful, on the off chance I catch one of my boys actually behaving. (I suppose it is possible in theory.) (Maybe.)

  303. Your contests rock, Mir! Happy Early Mother’s Day!

  304. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

  305. me me me! What a great contest!

  306. I never try to win your great contests, but this one I seriously couldn’t help but give it a try. What a fantastic product! PS-I love you!

  307. Pick me, please!

  308. I would love this!! Pick me…

  309. oh wow! I would love this!!

  310. Oh yes! Un-huh! Whoopppeeee! Pick me!

  311. Wow, great giveaway. Keeping fingers crossed…

  312. Yes, please!!!

  313. You mean I don’t have to pack an extra bag to take my camcorder along? And it doesn’t use a tape?

  314. Very cute, Flippy!

  315. Oooh! I really want that. My 2 year old is not quite as well-documented as he could be!

  316. Awesome! You’re gorgeous!

  317. Perhaps it’s his punishment for mocking you for emailing (via email!) during that gymnastics event. Nyah!!

  318. once again…here goes nothing…but then again, the opportunity to win a flip…maybe this time I’ll get a GREAT mother’s day gift EARLY….

  319. very cool prize! 🙂

  320. Pick me!! Pick me!!!

  321. very cool, thanks! 🙂

  322. My mother would not know what to do with it and probably think it was a cigarette lighter. I think a Mother’s Day gift to myself is in order. PICKME!

  323. Oh Mir, you just get prettier every time I log on!! This would be awesome for filming the Drama Summer Camp final performance!! Also, I think capturing the Drama Queen at home in her natural environment now will produce some great quality blackmail footage I can save for later!

  324. Me! Pick me!

  325. Ooh, I love it! I need it! I want it! Pick me! Please!

  326. Wow! This would make the perfect gift for…ME!

  327. me me me me me!!! Please. 🙂

  328. sweet! so much easier to tote around than our current camera!!

  329. Ooooo Goodies! Count me in.

  330. Me! Pick me!

  331. It would be a great tool for my nonprofit!

  332. I am not a mother, but my wife is.

  333. Mir,
    I’m flippin’ for the Flip! Thanks for the contest.


  334. Here’s my jinx… Pick me, I never win anything! Now I’m a shoe in…

  335. Wow! Your “treats” are amazing! This is so fun! thank you!
    Tina H.

  336. Oh, I had never heard of this tiny wonder, but it looks amazing! The specs are incredible!

    Thanks for the great giveaway . . and now I face the moral dilemma: If I win. . . do I keep it or give it away? Only time will tell =0

  337. Way cool! Add my name to the pot.

  338. I want it. But my mom’s camcorder just died…. so I’d probably give it to her.

  339. I wish for an instant video camera to capture my daughter’s antics all the time. A tiny one I could keep in my purse would be almost as good! I’m crossing my fingers for luck.

  340. oh, i’d love this. thanks for another great contest!

  341. I would love you forever…and ever…and ever…you get the message, right?

  342. Ooh, pick me! Pick me!

  343. Ooh, I would love one of these to give to my mom…

  344. Fabu giveaway!
    So exciting!!! This looks like such a fun little camera!!!

  345. Ooh, I want one, it’s so cute.

  346. My wife has wanted one for a long time– finally, the right price! Thanks.

  347. This is great, pretty Mir!! 🙂

  348. Hey! I’m a mom!! I’d love to win this!!! Exclamation point!!!!

  349. Enter me in, please 🙂

  350. This would be the best Mother’s Day present ever! Thanks!

  351. I’d love to win this.

  352. Pick Me!

  353. I have been wanting one of these!

  354. Awesome! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you pick my number!

  355. What a great gift!

  356. I’ve never owned a camcorder. I would love this.

  357. Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!
    I’ve been spending too much time with my toddler.
    O.k., I’ll try again…pretty please?

  358. Oh. ME!

  359. My mil has one and it really is a great electronic toy. It probably doesn’t get and easier than the Flip Video.

  360. OMG! Me, please!!! I’m so broke and have been so good about not spending money!!!

  361. Please Please Please…random number generator…choose me!!

  362. This may be my lucky week.

  363. Sure! Sounds like a lot of fun…

  364. Flip me! Awesome contest. 🙂

  365. I so need this. My camcorder weighs about 5 lbs . . . the horror!!

  366. This is way cool! Fingers crossed!

  367. Awesome! Mir you are the best! Pick me!

  368. The fact that I feel a little bit sorry for Otto is not going to keep me from entering the giveaway!

  369. I predict 800 entries. Hope, hope, hope mine is the lucky one. Fingers and toes are crossed. Going to be hard to keep them that way till Thursday, but Mama wants a new camcorder.

  370. That would be the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

  371. Count me in!

  372. My wife would love this!

  373. ME ME ME! K, thanks! ^.^

  374. Ooh, Pretty Mir please enter me. My Son killed our camcorder over a year ago!

  375. Pick me!!!

  376. What a great gift for my wife for mother’s day! Hope I win

  377. It’s my turn to win something!!! 🙂

  378. let me be lucky for once!

  379. What a great giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  380. Holy smokes the comments. It would be so nice to carry this to WDW to film my girls!!! 🙂

  381. Ooohhhhh….. that would be an awesome Mother’s Day gift!

    *fingers crossed for good luck*

  382. Best. Prize. Ever. Please, pretty pretty Mir?

  383. Oh wow, pick me!!! This would be a WONDERFUL mother’s day gift!

  384. Ooh, what an awesome prize! I would have so much fun with one of those….

  385. This would be SWEET!

  386. I so want one of these! Pick me!!!!!!!!!! Pick me!!!!!!!!!

  387. That’s why I haven’t won yet . . . fate was waiting for THIS contest!

  388. That would be awesome!

  389. Perfect for this mom o four!

  390. that is flippin sweet!

  391. Awesome! I’m in!

  392. Please, please, please pick me!

  393. Thanks for the contest(s) – what fun.
    These prizes are making me giddy, and nothing much does that any longer – HA HA!

  394. Oh pretty, pretty Mir! How fantastic of you!

  395. pick me! pick me!!

  396. My daughter has been researching a camcorder as her only birthday gift this year-would love to be able to give her one.

    Thank you for all of these opportunities.

  397. Pick me please!!

  398. Ooooh, I would LOVE one of these!

  399. Cool!! My mom would LOVE it!!

  400. Awesome contest! I wanna win!

  401. Sounds like something mommma would really enjoy!

  402. Gorgeous, thrifty *and* generous…that’s our Mir!!

  403. Ooooh a flip! Rosie has been singing its praises for months and this price just might make me get it. And if I win my sister will be SO happy.

  404. I’m so in! Would be perfect for my backpack through Europe…

  405. Ohhhh, that looks wonderful! Count me in please.

  406. I’m in. In desperate search of a present for mom and this would be fantastic!

  407. I’d be happy to take this off your hands!

  408. My Mother-in-Law NEEDS this! She is still using disposable cameras!

  409. I could use a little flip.

  410. Oh add me please!! I would love one of these to point at my new g’daughter! Thanks!

  411. Flip Me!

  412. This would be such an AWESOME win. Thanks Mir

  413. Random number generator, please pick me!

  414. come on lucky number 416!!

  415. I would love one!

  416. oooh! That is incredibly cool! I’d love one.

  417. Oh Pretty Pretty Mir (and Pretty Random Number Generator) I pray that you pick me!

  418. Dang, I’d looooooves to have me one of those! My lil’ digital camera can’t keep up with what I want to with video! 🙂

  419. You are so very pretty!

  420. Wow! Not only are you smart and pretty but you’re generous, too! Tell Otto what a catch we all think you are…He’s lucky to have such a thrifty wife.


  421. it would really make me happy to win this 🙂

  422. Do I have a chance? Pick me oh random number generator!

  423. What a great contest! Fingers crossed!

  424. Um….me, please! 🙂

  425. Great contest! Maybe this is my lucky #.

  426. Here I go! Go random number generator go! 🙂

  427. count me in!

  428. This looks great! Thanks!!

  429. Awesome! Thanks for letting me play!

  430. SWEET!

  431. Wow, look at all these entries!

  432. My mom would flip for a Flip!

  433. I would love to have this. After all, I am a mom, so I need to record all those cute kid moments.

  434. sweet! thanks, Mir!

  435. Need to film 5th grade graduation! Thanks for the great idea.

  436. Holy Maloley – 437 comments???

    Fortunately, they’re all from very pretty people, so it’s safe to just trust the random number generator. 🙂

  437. Oh wow, what a great contest! You’re the prettiest!

  438. I’m in, come on random number generator! I would love to have this for my mother who’s traveling to see her grandkids for the first time in almost 4 years (the one in preschool was just about to crawl way back then…). C’mon, number generator–lucky 440!

  439. Oh the places I could go with this camcorder. Come on 441!

  440. Wow, what a turnout. How about a clip or two of you at the beginning?

  441. I’d love to win this one!

  442. Pick me, pick me! My expensive one bit the dust=(

  443. I’ve been reading your blogs and enjoying you and your family for, well, years! That being said, pick me, pick me! =)

  444. Wow My favorite color Fushia!!!!

  445. This would be great if I won! You have a great blog – thanks!

  446. Ohh, neat. I can think of lots of good ways to use this in my classroom! I hope I win.


  447. That would be wonderful!! Thanks.

  448. Love my mom but technology eludes her. I remember she would only use her ATM card when I was home from college and could go with her….

    I’d shoot great video of her grandkids and send it to her if I won!

  449. Oooh…yes please! I didn’t win the lottery this weekend so maybe my luck was holding out for this? I hope so!

  450. Wahoo! Thanks for another great contest.

  451. This would be flippin’ cool to have!

  452. Oh! You’re making ME flip!!! Awesome prize. Love it!! Thanks so much for the chance to win. You’re too cool 🙂

  453. Not want, need this! Thanks for the great contest!

  454. We’d LOVE to have a camcorder!! We have 3 kids, and have never had one! This one looks perfect!

  455. Mir: you are flippin’ pretty. Sweet.

  456. This would be awesome to have! We are going on a Disney cruise this year! Pick me!

  457. WOW…this is a great contest…I’ve wanted this for awhile now! Please, oh please, let me when this!!

  458. I’m entering because Flips are awesome!

  459. I can’t think of anything witty to say…but thanks for chance at a great giveaway! So. Awesome!

  460. Flip me, baby!

  461. OOOH pick me! I have a brand new niece all the way from China and I neeeeed to video her with this camera 🙂

  462. flipping yes please!

  463. You are too nice and pretty! What a fun contest!

  464. Oh! It’s my very first Mother’s Day! This would be wonderful!

  465. It is amazing how much I really, really need this!

  466. This is cool!!!

  467. Ooooo Pick Me! Pick Me!

  468. Wow, that camcorder is almost as pretty as you, Mir! 😉

  469. I think I’ll win, I think I’ll win, I think I’ll win…

  470. Ooooh! I’ve had my eye on one of these for ages! It would be so awesome for capturing the kid’s shenanigans. (I have no idea how to spell that word. Heh.)

    Thanks, pretty Mir.

  471. oh wow…this would be a really cool one to win!

    *stroking Mir’s pretty hair* I will call you pretty and braid your hair and point out the wonderful shoe deals I find..oh yes…YOU WANT TO PICK ME…


  472. That is a very cool toy – please consider me entered!

  473. Pick me, pick me. I really need one of these! And you are so pretty!

  474. I have to say I have this and LOVE it, but I would love to give on to my mom! I think she could actually figure out how to use it!!

  475. Choo-Choo-CHOOSE me! Please?

  476. My first ever Blog entry. Just moved and have a 4 month old. The Flip would be perfect for capturing the new milestones for my husband who is deployed with the military right now!!!

  477. Oh, I want a Flip!!!

  478. Count me in.

  479. Trying my luck! Thank you!

  480. What a neat little camera!

  481. Oh this would be fun! Count me in please!

  482. my husband uses this for his classes he teaches at the high school…i’m jealous and i want one, too.

  483. Pick me oh pick me, random number generator. 🙂

  484. Absoflippinlutely! 🙂

  485. pick me!!

  486. Flip me!

  487. Ooh, Ooh (think Horshak!). I’m in.

  488. Please, really, don’t pick me. I mean, what a lame gadget. What would I need that for with four kids? So, just pass me over. Yep, no need for that.

  489. You were right — this is the best contest yet! 🙂

  490. I want one…. Please

  491. PIck me, pick me

  492. WOW! I’m in!

  493. what a great contest!

  494. Oooh pretty & you’re pretty & i can record pretty things w/ it. 🙂 Pick me!!

  495. I want one of these!!!!


  497. Me please – I NEED it!

  498. Our camcorder is on its last leg, I could really use this great prize! Thanks for the chance to win!!! Karen

  499. Pick me please!

  500. Awesome! That looks really cool.

  501. Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  502. I would love this!

  503. I need this…someone has been leaving bread products in our mailbox for 2 years and we have no idea who it is. With this I could finally solve the mystery!

  504. puuhhleeaaase!

  505. I could handle owning one of those!

  506. What a cool giveaway and present!

  507. What a great contest. Thanks for the chance.

  508. Please pick me! This would be awesome to have!!

  509. Love your site – would LOVE a Flip. Thanks

  510. Just had a baby, would love one of these!!

  511. I adore you for running these contests — what a fabulous blog.

  512. Please! Please! Please! Pretty, pretty Mir!

  513. I did it. After years of lurking, I have finally commented. And it didn’t even hurt!

  514. I’d love to give this a try!

  515. What a great giveaway! I hope I win. 🙂

  516. Pretty please with a Cherry on top, pick me???

  517. Awesome!

  518. my son’s 16th birthday is next week, and I was thinking about getting him one!!!

  519. This would be the coolest thing ever! I hope I win but even if I don’t, I totally dig your blogs.

  520. Pick me, please? I’m having a horrible day and this would surely cheer me up.

  521. Oh my goodness YES PLEASE!

  522. I’m hoping anything very small is also very easy to operate. And I’m feeling pretty lucky today, so I really think the random number fairy will grace me with her presence.

  523. I’d just FLIP out!!

  524. oh goodness. this. would. be. awesome.

  525. Oh Great Number Generator: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

  526. My memories will forever thank you!!!

  527. That would be perfect to take videos of my new daughter!!

  528. wow! thanks!

  529. Lucky #531!

  530. Mir–you’re so Awesome!

  531. Wow, that’s a lot of entries. Crossin’ my fingers. Thanks.

  532. Mir!!!
    You are sweeter than chocolate!!Thanks so much, for this exciting opportunity to win a Camcorder!!!

  533. we would love a camcorder!!

  534. This would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift!

  535. Would LOVE this as a mother’s day gift for my mother in law to record her new grandchildren’s first steps!

  536. This would make an AWESOME gift for Mom!!

  537. Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me! I’ve wanted one of these for ages! Crossing all fingers and toes!


  538. Please pick me. Forget Mother’s Day. You can call it a birthday present – since my kids and hubby didn’t get me anything! I know, no whining, but jeez, something little would have been nice.

  539. oooh you have lured me out of lurkdom!!

  540. This is what I WANT for MOther’s day!

  541. Thanks for the opportunity!

  542. fantastic contest!

  543. Comment left. Fingers crossed.

  544. Wow! What a great contest!!!

  545. This would be amazing, our old camcorder is well, old and not working right now!

  546. Wow – That little camera would be flippin’ awesome! Thanks Mir – you are sooo generous (and pretty too). Kara

  547. never had a camcorder, I think it’s about time

  548. I’m ready to do back flips for a Flip!!

  549. Ooh… Shiny… *wipes up drool*


  551. i heard these are wonderful…..please, please pick me.

  552. ooooooooooooooh…..a flippin’ camcorder!!!

  553. I could make up for forgetting Mother’s Day last year. If that’s possible.

  554. wow, my kids are flippin’ cute! I need this! please!

  555. Fingers crossed!

  556. Me, me!

  557. This would be great! Thanks!

  558. pick me! pick me!

  559. perfect to record my little princess ballerinas (they wear dresses all of the time!!)

  560. C,mon random number generator (you pretty thing), you know you want to pick ME!!

  561. Wow! What a generous giveaway! Believe it or not it would be awesome to receive this as my camcorder is totally out of commission. Pick me, you randomly hot generator!

  562. Whew! I’m salvitating over this one!

  563. I sure would enjoy that flip!

  564. Awesome!
    flip, flip, flip…

  565. Oh please pick me!

  566. Pick Me please.

  567. I want it now…..

  568. Here’s my comment. Is there a way I can erase all those other comments above?

  569. My wife would love this.

  570. Awesome contest!

  571. Oh My Gosh!!! What a cool prize!!! I hope the random number generator picks me!!

    Thanks for Everything YOU do!!

  572. mememememememe!

  573. Oooh, I would flip out if I won this!

  574. i am very excited by this contest. good luck to all!

  575. Oh, My! What a wonderful gift to win! You are THE BEST, oh Beautiful Mir.

  576. Way too cool. I didn’t even realize such a tiny thing existed! I’m so not a techie. But I sure could use it!

  577. Ooohh, this would be so cool! Good luck to all…

  578. I’ve been wanting one try one of these… What a great Mother’s Day gift for myself!

  579. Pick me! Pick me! I’d love one of these.

  580. Hahaha, your comment about the teeny tiny violin made me laugh! Awesome giveaway btw. =D

  581. I’ve heard these are great!

  582. Wait a minute….I’m a mother so please pick meee!

  583. I would love it!!!

  584. I have heard great things about this little camera and would love to be able to agree with the reviews by trying it out myself. Thanks!

  585. Numbers and I aren’t usually friends, but maybe they like my mom? I’m in

  586. Sounds great!

  587. Oh, it would be so cool to have this!

  588. I would love a Flip. Thanks.

  589. A flip camcorder to record my granddaughter! Oh how lovely!

  590. Ooh, this looks really cool. My mom would love it.

  591. Sign me up!!! 😀

  592. Oh, I want, I want, I want!

  593. I would keep it for myself…Happy Mother’s Day to me, PLEASE!

  594. This is adorable! I have a digital camera that has video capabilities, but it’s big & clunky. I’m in the market for a camcorder & this is so cute! Love this site!

  595. ME! Please oh please pick ME!!!

  596. I would love to win this, even though there are tons of entries and my chances of winning are getting smaller and smaller!

  597. This mom would love a camcorder. A flip one is better. And one that fits in the purse? A wish come true. Here’s wishing on a star. Susan

  598. I’m feeling lucky!

  599. That looks awesome! This would be great for getting video of my son (8 months) who is afraid of our big old video camera!

  600. Lucky 601? I would love this!

  601. Oooh I almost missed this one! Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been a bit absent this week!

  602. Thanks Mir, this would be fantastic.

  603. Me Me Me

  604. I love my friends flip! 🙂 I want one too!

  605. Please let me win this. please. no seriously, please.

  606. Pick me!! Pick me!!

  607. All right, let’s see if a number over 600 is lucky for me! I’d love a camcorder to record all the adorable/atrocious things my little ones do!

  608. You are prettier than Christmas! Prettier than chocolate! Prettier than kittens!

  609. Ooh, great mothers day pressie! Pick me! Lucky number picker….here I am……

  610. I’m moving…..

  611. How fun! Thanks pretty, pretty Mir!

  612. Ooh, cool! Would love to win this!

  613. Wow – This is a great giveaway. Thanks!

  614. I’m in!

  615. What an awesome giveaway!! I hope I win 😉

  616. My wife would love this!

  617. Wow! I would love to have a video camera! This is great!

  618. Pick me. Please.

  619. Cool!


  620. Pick Me!

  621. Cool! Would love to win this for Mother’s Day!

  622. Oh Oh oh! Pick me, pick me!

  623. How did I not leave a comment earlier? Me likey. Me wanty.

    It works with a Mac, right? Well, even if it doesn’t, I’d love to have it.

  624. ok, twist my arm, i’ll take it off your hands…you better make sure you erase that porn before you send it!

  625. Oh! My mom might actually be able to figure this one out!

  626. Looks like I’m number 628, which was my old Girl Scout troop number. Think that means I’ll be lucky?

  627. How do you bribe a random number generator?

  628. My mom is looking for a smaller video camera. She would love this.

  629. Love how compact it is! I hope I have the lucky number. 🙂

  630. I wouldn’t kick it out of bed…

  631. Awesome!

  632. oh I would love this 🙂

  633. Boy would I love a flip! Pick me, pick me!

  634. I would totally give this to my sister for Mother’s Day. She has no video camera…and is wracked with guilt over all the things she hasn’t captured on film. 🙁

  635. Oh boy would this be fun! 🙂

  636. Goodie! A Mother’s Day pressie for me!

  637. I’m in!!

  638. Count me in!

  639. Love to win but LOVE your site more!

  640. this is great! please pick me! Thanks Pretty Mir!

  641. Ooh I would love it! mE ME mE!

  642. This must be fate as “flipped” is on my son’s spelling list this week! He spells it flipt so winning would make my day as obviously his spelling test results will not!

  643. I think I need one of these!

  644. what this was a contest? how did I miss that?! 60 minutes is way better than the 3 our digital camera takes.

  645. My sister has a Flip camera and I’ve been horribly jealous ever since then! I’d love to get one.

  646. Oh! Pick me Random-Number-Generator! Pick me!

  647. oh lucky random picker generator thingy, pick me! pick me!

  648. wow- this sounds amazing!

  649. This would make me flip, too! Woot!

  650. This looks very cool!

  651. Prrrrreeeeeeeze, Eddie!

  652. I want a flip with which to clip the wildlife for posterity.

  653. I hope to get a Flip too!

  654. Fingers crossed…

  655. mother’s day would be set! thanks for the contest!

  656. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!! How cool would that be!?!

  657. Of couse I want it. How could I not?

  658. Oh! This would be the best mother’s day gift. And it would totally beat anything my brother has planned! Ahem. Not that I would worry about such a thing.

  659. it would be a lovely mother’s day gift.

  660. pick me! 🙂

  661. I’m a mom! Maybe I’ll keep it for myself….

  662. This would be a great gift for me, my mom or even my sister. Maybe we could share? Nah. However, if they are nice to me I’ll let them hold it.

  663. ooo ooo me me!

  664. I Would love to win this for me!!

  665. i hope i win!!

  666. As I am getting ready for my last mothers day before I become a mother, i’d really love to win that flip 🙂

  667. me, please! 🙂

  668. wow – this is one awesome prize mir!!!

  669. Awesome! If I won, that is. 🙂

  670. Me, me, me, pretty please!

  671. Me! Me! Me!

  672. pick me! pick me! pick me!

  673. Holy Camcorder! I want a flip!

  674. i would love one of these!!!

  675. better late then never 🙂

  676. Looks neat!

  677. ooh sounds good!

  678. What a cool giveaway! (I can see why your husband would want to keep it!)

  679. Would love to win!

    Love your site!

  680. Totally cool giveaway! Count me in! 🙂

  681. Great giveaway – sign me up!

  682. wow….a cool mother’s day present!!!!

  683. flip one my way!!!!

  684. flippin’ S W E E T ! ! ! !

  685. yes….i’m a winner!

  686. i would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE one!!!!

  687. I so neeeeeed one of these!!!

  688. So do I!!! Am I tooo late!!

  689. I really need a boost right now! Something positive!

  690. Uh-oh — is it 11:59 EST or PST? I am in California!

  691. Hmmm…maybe it wasn’t EST?? If not, pick me!

  692. wow, how nice would it be to put that in the “I carry everything bag”, instead of a big ol traditional clunky one. Thanks

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