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By Mir
June 11, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Ready to stock up on sunblock, after-sun product, and self-tanners for Summer? Amazon is currently offering $10 off your $25 purchase of Banana Boat products. Use code BANANABO, and don’t forget to select “Super Saver Shipping” on the checkout page (it’s not the default, because Amazon is silly like that). You’ll still receive free shipping as long as your pre-coupon total is $25 or more. Offer expires June 30th.

Please note: I reserve the right to point and laugh if you buy their self-tanner. Friends don’t let friends turn orange.


  1. Okay, no self tanner–but may I recommend the Banana Boat kids sunblock? The continous spray formula is particularly useful, although it requires some rubbing. But it really IS water resistant, and it comes in high SPFs. We swear by it.

  2. Just a note. Don’t stock up on sunblock — if you have some from last year, throw it away and get new. It looses SPF over time and I’ve been personally victim to it NOT working. Sun Poisoning is not something I wish on any of my friends.
    However, with kids, I go through far more of the stuff now — so there never seems to be leftovers.

  3. Excellent point, Patricia. I meant stock up for the season, not stockpile it in your basement. 😉 That’s the reason sunblock is one of the few things I will never buy at a Dollar Store or Big Lots kind of place… it does expire.

  4. Wow I never knew it expired. Look at me, learning already 😉

    Oh and I bought some self tanner, and I think that it isn’t made for peole with skin so white.

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