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By Mir
June 12, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Maybe you’re still looking for something for Father’s Day, or maybe (like me) you’re always on the lookout for stocking stuffers (yes, I know it’s June) and “emergency” gifts to keep in your stash.

Check it out: Circuit City has a ton of gadgets marked down in their Outlet. Free shipping on $25+, always free to pick up at your local store.

Because nothing says “I love you” like a nose hair trimmer. (Okay; that’s a lie. This or this may be a better choice. But if he’s got a lot of nose hair? Just keep the gift of grooming in mind.)


  1. Mir? Is that you?

    Is it wrong to admit I started worrying this year my nose hair might be getting a wee bit long?

  2. Would you buy any of this stuff if it wasn’t on sale? Frugality often stops when sales are shopped.

  3. Good point, Christine—it goes without saying that you shouldn’t buy stuff you wouldn’t buy, anyway. I’m actually a huge fan of those talking photo frames, particularly when you have little kids with adorable voices.

  4. Nose hair trimmers don’t say “I love you,” they say “you might get lucky if I don’t have to see nose hair billowing in and out of your nostrils with each breath.”

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