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By Mir
June 14, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Honestly, I don’t know what this “Bunco” thing is, but I hear a lot of women squawking about it like it might involve chocolate. So I guess I’ll give it a shot.

1) Go here and say hello to the nice Prilosec people.
2) Add one Bunco game kit to your cart.
3) Use coupon code mom to receive it for free.
4) Enjoy.


  1. Hey, thanks! Women just loove Bunco in my town, but I’ve never quite known what it is – apparently it involves a feather boa. Can’t wait to solve this mystery!

  2. I filled mine out. This is great! Thanks Mir!

  3. I did it too! I have no idea what Bunco is but I’m getting one. Thanks!

  4. Ya’ll better let me know what Bunco is, cuz they don’t sell to Canuckle Heads. Dang!

  5. Bunco is Yahtzee in sets of four people. You shuffle tables occasionally, and the hostess usually has something nice for prizes. It’s just a fun, goofy evening.

  6. Hi Mir – this is great, seems like “Free Stuff” would make a great section on your new site. Cuz all us moms love free stuff!

  7. I used to play couples Bunco. Tons of fun! Thanks for the find!

  8. I’m in a monthly bunco group. Chocolate, drinking and chit chat with friends. All good.

  9. Thanks! I am all about free, too!

  10. Yay, thanks. Heard of it, but never tried it (Prilosec OR Bunco). Now I will.

  11. Thank you! I’m hosting Bunco in September (we take the summer off) and can’t wait to show off the new dice!

  12. Oooh! I’m a po’ college student and I LOVE free stuff. I found you via Mom to the Screaming Masses and “I’ll be back!” Great blog, can’t wait to check out some of your old posts!!

  13. Cool! It worked just like you said it would! Now all I have to do is find several someones to play with! That might be a problem!

  14. Okay, SHUT UP. SeriouslY? Do you see how I CAn’t even tuype, I am so excitedd?

    I love Bunco. I also love free things. This is, like, THE BEST TIDBIT EVER.

    I so love you. And if you lived near me, we’d play Bunco together.

  15. Um, guys. You’re making Bunco sound like a good time for senior citizens. Puh-lease.

    Bunco, how do I heart thee? Let me count the ways…

    When I was part of a Bunco group, it required A) lots of open space for all our running around; B) copious amounts of food; C) quite the active vocal cords.

    You don’t just chit chat and ho-hum roll the di.

    Bunco requires enthusiasm and exaggerated dance moves and fantastic margaritas! It requires twelve of your closest friends (for that night, anyway), talking about women and men and children and sex and chocolate. It requires winning cash gifts and consolation prizes.

    Geez. I don’t know where you guys have been, but it’s obvious that you need a Bunco refresher course.

  16. Sniff! Can’t get it in Canada

  17. Hey, thanks for the freebie. I shared your site with some friends and I think you will have some new regular visitors!

  18. I guess we’ll all be learning about Bunco now!
    Thanks for the tip!

  19. My son is on Prilosec which costs us a pretty penny each month since it isn’t covered by insurance. It’s about time they give us something for free! Plus, I love Binco! You are so pretty! Thanks for doing this!

  20. This is sooo great. And now I am totally set for Prilosec merchandise. I ordered everything they offered. The hubs is gonna kill me when he gets home. Heh.

  21. Hi, Mir. Thanks for pointing the way to free stuff. I ordered mine and can’t wait to get it.

  22. I ordered my Bunco set! Now I only have to make 11 real life friends because rolling dice over the internet gets tricky!

  23. Sweet! Thanks, Mir!

  24. Free stuff! Funkin’ AWESOME! Thanks!

  25. So, Mir, is it bad form to put free stuff like this in the gift closet? Is it ok to give this kind of stuff?
    Are you afraid you are on my Christmas list now?

  26. Patricia: Nothing wrong with putting free stuff in the gift closet (in general), however—VERY WRONG to put product promos in the gift closet. This Bunko set says PRILOSEC all over it! Heh.

  27. Just snagged mine, thank you for the tip!

    I play in a monthly game and extra sets are always welcome.

    Off to read the other posts, I’m interested in the gift closet. 🙂

  28. Free Bunco baybeeeeeee! 🙂 Doesn’t get better than free…love the new site, Mir!

  29. Woo-hoo! Thank you, Mir! I love the free stuff.

  30. Thank you, Mir! I read you all the time – feel like we’re friends!

  31. Yeah! I don’t even know what it is but its free and I need more stuff! Could there really be chocolate involved? I can’t wait to find out!


  32. Thanks for the tip! The website is great by the way. I’m sure I’ll be a frequent visitor here.

  33. Whoo! Not sure I have enough friends to play Bunco with, but I ordered a set. Very neat looking and sounds like great fun. Now I just need friends. hahahahaha.

  34. Hee! Just ordered mine too. Hopefully it gets here in time for my Wedding Dress Burning Party sometime around July 9 when my divorce becomes final! Then we can play Drunko Bunco!

  35. Wow Cool. I never heard of Bunco, except in passing reference maybe, in funky old books set in the 30’s or 40’s or something. I looked up the “Bunco Official Website” and they had a lot of products- including engraved wineglasses. Apparently drinking is a large part of the deal, which would explain why I never heard of the game, that’s not something that’s done in my crowd-

  36. Got one! Another blogging mom here in Nashville is interested in trying to organize a bloggers’ bunco game so now we’re set. Just need some wine…

  37. I got my free kit TODAY! It is so awesome, I can’t believe that I got it for free!

    You rock!

  38. Hey, thanks for all the great info. I actually got my FREE Bunco kit yesterday in the mail. You are awesome (and pretty) 🙂

  39. I just got my kit…not only was it free…it was fedexed!!!

  40. I am trying to redeem for free Bunko kit, but there is no spot for a coupon code. Can anyone hel? Tell at what stage does it offer a coupon code?

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