Doing Disney?

By Mir
June 19, 2006

DisneyShopping is currently having their semi-annual sale, plus they’ve got this customer appreciation coupon thing going on until midnight on June 21st (save an additional 20% with code APPRECIATE).

If you’re planning a trip to Disney in the future, go check out this sale. I’ll give you three guesses—and the first two don’t count—about which is cheaper and more convenient: Buying everyone t-shirts now, in the comfort of your own home, on sale and with a coupon (and don’t forget free shipping on orders over $75)… or fighting through crowds when you’re hot and tired and feeling very broke so that you can spend $30 apiece for shirts at the park.

I mean… it’s up to you. I’m just sayin’. (I’m just saying don’t be a sucker, in case you didn’t catch that.)

[Sale note: Be aware that DisneyShopping can be a bit wiggy about coupons. LOG IN before you start shopping. If you’re not logged in, the coupon won’t work; if you log in after shopping to activate the coupon, you lose the contents of your cart. It’s dumb. Just log in, first.]


  1. A little OT, I know, but do you have any bargains on anything to do in Orlando? I have a trip planned in a couple of weeks and we have Universal Studios tickets, but I can’t find anything else to do that’s a decent bargain (Disney, Sea World, Wet N Wild, etc?). Can you find anything that’s cheaper than $100 for a family of four? Please, please, please. If anyone can, ‘WantNot’ can!

  2. Renee: A reader recently directed me to Lots of GREAT information on making the most of your Disney or Orlando-area trip!

  3. thanks for the discount code. i found some great tinkerbell sweats and matching tee for ME–only $25… i was taking your advice about doing something for myself. 🙂

  4. I bought the kids all their Disney crap before we left. Then I handed it out when we there. A tshirt one night, a beanie baby another…etc. You aren’t kidding about the $30 a pop tshirts there.

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