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By Mir
June 20, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Panera salutes the moms (and dads) who have tirelessly prepared their children’s school lunches all year.*

Clicky click to get your coupon for a free Panera Kids™ meal, valid only on the first day of summer—tomorrow, June 21st.

Valid for a kids’ meal with the purchase of any regular price menu item. I always knew that Panera had all kinds of food that I love, but I didn’t realize they 1) have special meals for kids and 2) offer organic milk.

I am—as some of you know—a wanton fool for organic milk. I say kudos to Panera for insisting on healthier choices, and how nice of them to have this freebie. Yeah, it’s a marketing ploy to get me in there to fork over $7 for a fancy sandwich tomorrow. I know. I’m still gonna do it. Because they’re pretty, and I require fortification with gorgonzola and fancy bread to start off my summer with the kids home.

*Thanks to Mary (who doesn’t have a blog, but is still pretty) for the tip!


  1. Yay!! Now I can bring the kids to Panera, get my fave pick two lunch, and not spend a small country’s GNP for the meal!!!

    Thanks Mary And Mir!


  2. Sweet. Except I don’t have any kids.

  3. Uhhhh… it’s Take A Random Child to Panera For Lunch Day, Jes. Honest. 😉

  4. do you think i could convince my children that only ONE of them gets to eat lunch today?

  5. I don’t see the coupon. Did they take it down already?

  6. I went & did that coupon today. I brought my two- ages 3 & 5. They had the grilled cheese sandwich kids meals. It is pre-packaged sliced cheese put between two thick slices of bread and grilled in one of those machines, so the cheese never melts. They ate the inside of the sandwich (no crusts, which wastes a large part of the bread) and the organic “go-gurt” type things, and half of my apple each, and promptly declared they were hungry on the way home. Not to mention trying to keep the 5 yr old from dancing in the aisles, and the 3 yr old from crawling under the table to hide (play). They didn’t get any sweet goodies, needless to say. The food is great there otherwise, and the icee coffee drinks (whatever they call them) are awesome. But for me it was a fustrating waste of time- I have to stick to restaurants that have a PlayLand is all-

  7. Hi Mir,

    Yum! Panera! Since my kid only eats Cheerios and cheese, I guess I could order a kids meal and just eat it myself! How frugal!

    I found a great site the other day that tells you all the restaurants in your area where kids eat free:

  8. We did Panera (St Louis Bread for me) today. Hooked up with my Mother-in-law and she adopted one of my children for lunch so I only had to pay for one kid. They snarfed down every last crumb – the yogurt things were a big hit and they didn’t even miss the chips they used to get.

    Then Grandma bought them HUGE cookies, because she’s a softie.

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