Free movies, all summer long

By Mir
July 3, 2006

Whatcha doing this Wednesday?

If you’ve got kids, you should be going to the movies for FREE. Clickity click there to find out if there’s a participating AMC Theatre near you, then go enjoy a new, free movie every Wednesday this summer.

Many thanks to the lovely Shash for the tip! (Also, if you want to rob Shash’s house, I hear she’s usually not home on Wednesdays….)


  1. So. Un. Fair. Offer available only in the U.S. As are so many of the fabulous deals listed on this site.

    Mir, clearly the only solution is for you to move north. Get yourself on up here. I will feed you delicious Canadian chocolate bars, Beavertails (shut up – they’re a pastry), and Tim Horton’s Ice Caps, and take care of your lovely children while you spend your days finding ways to save me money.

  2. Dragon my darling, that is a VERY tempting offer! 🙂

  3. Regal Cinemas also has a REG Free Family Film Festival on both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 10am. You can find out about a theater location in your area and more info at

    I haven’t taken my 6 year old yet but it’s on the list as something to do this summer.

  4. Awesome! Thanks, Andrea! 🙂

  5. the AMC’s in our area fill up fast, but we have a local chain (Harkins) that does summer movies every morning for $2 a person, kids under 2 are free. They also have a special kids combo popcorn for $3 that has popcorn and drink, and a holloween-sized packet of Nerds. If you bought your tickets at the beginning of the summer, you could get all 10 moview for the up-front price of $7. The nicest thing is the $2 price means the theaters are only about half full (of screaming kids) and so less scary for social-phobes like me. This way I don’t have to actually sit NEXT to someone.

    So check out all of the theaters in your area to see what they offer. You never know.

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