Free razor (great for travel)

By Mir
July 3, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Have you tried the Schick Intuition? I have a Goldilocks problem with it—I’ve not managed to figure out how to use up the… ummm… gooey substance the razor is embedded in… at the same time that the blade starts dulling. Either I still have a sharp blade when the shaving solid is gone, or the blade is useless and half the solid remains. Plus it’s insanely expensive.

But every time there’s an offer to get one for free I go ahead and pick it up, because it’s a very handy thing to have on quick trips. It’s nice to take an Intuition along rather than a razor and shaving cream, I think. (You may be just now figuring this out, but I am nothing if not lazy.)

Use promotion code INTSMP06 to get yours. And let me know if you figure out how to make it come out even. Maybe I have defective armpits.


  1. I’ve been using the Intuition for a while now, without any problems. Got the first one free but I can’t remember how. has sales on the refills occasionally.

  2. I really adore the Intuition. Whenever I use it, I sing the song and small woodland creatures flee.

    Because I shower in the woods, okay? I JUST DO.

    But, yes, the gooey stuff/razor conundrum is a biggie. Plus sometimes when I have to shave a lot of leg area, the gooey stuff just falls off. Maybe *I* have toxic legs.

  3. I love mine. I’ve gone through many and still go for any free ones I can get. I have no solution for the stuff/blade problem — but I think the REAL solution is to get more freebies. Am I wrong?

  4. i love the razor… but i still havent figured out how to shave my knees with it

  5. Thanks for the tip but the promotion code isn’t working…

  6. Geez Mir, how do you find all this free stuff?!

  7. I think there’s a design flaw that prevents the “even wear” of razor and lotion.
    But anytime toiletry items are free, I take them whether or not I can use them. Periodically our church holds a collection of such items for a local battered-women’s shelter, so they all go in a box for that collection.

  8. you rock! i’m loving your site. oh, i mean: you’re very pretty. 😉 but i’m not having any luck w/ the promo code, either.

  9. You have to make sure there is no space at the end of the promo code. I had trouble at first and then, once I removed the space, it worked!

  10. I LOVE this site!
    I too have problems with uneven wear on the solid portion, but I still enjoy free things! And I agree, they are wonderful for travel. I have wondered why they don’t put some slits on the lid, so when it hangs in the shower the water will drain out. Man, why didn’t they use us as a focus group before they released it?!? 🙂

  11. Andrea: HA! I think they have gotten some customer feedback for this latest incarnation, because you may have noticed from the photo that the new handle is much slimmer than the old one. It was sort of like trying to shave with a football, before.

  12. I was thinking more about this and the gooey problem…mine is never gooey. Are you using the cap? I use the cap only for travel. It hangs from the hook (came with it, I think) in the shower the rest of the time. That dries it out.

    The solid still wears a bit unevenly but I can live with that. It still lasts a reasonable amount of time.

  13. MIR, thank you for your prompt reply to my comment on the promo code. You were correct. Entering the code manually (with a zero, not an ‘oh’), instead of cutting and pasting, did the trick. I love free stuff!!


  14. the link doesn’t like me. maybe i’m a day late and a razor short?

  15. The link doesn’t like me either.

    I guess I’m doomed to have hairy armpits forever.

  16. Looks to me like the site is broken, ladies. Either they were overloaded with requests, or it’s just busted (my technical analysis). I’m sorry!

  17. Mir, I just used the website and it seemed to work. Oh, by the way, you’re so smart and so pretty.
    I love the Intuition, but hate the way the solid things seem to fall off. I think they’ve gotten worse instead of better.
    The new handle design rocks though.

  18. oh hooray!! they probably read your site, cuz it’s working again! ;P

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