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By Mir
July 13, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Enough people have sent me this now (including leaving it in comments on other posts) that I feel like I have to feature it.

You can get free samples from Walmart. They change periodically.

I am not a Walmart fan, so I am in no way endorsing this particular freebie. But free is free, regardless of the oppression of the masses, apparently. Or, hey—maybe if enough of us go for the free samples, they’ll go out of business! (Oops. Did I say that in my out-loud voice, again?)


  1. I agree with you regarding Wal-Mart. I never, ever go there. Not even for free samples.

  2. hate wal-mart…don’t go but online is fine for samples…there are no germs online. 🙂

  3. Mir,
    You’re so pretty! And smart! And I love you even more for not liking Wal-Mart.

  4. I’m glad to see that the smart people who read the smart and pretty Mir are smart enough to know that supporting WalMart is not frugal — it costs us all in other ways.

  5. I grew a distinct distaste for Wal-Mart during my college years, when it began perpetually smelling like vomit.

    Before that, I loved it IF ONLY BECAUSE my best friend & I were shopping there one day (we were in 4th grade, so naturally, we were shopping with our moms), and Wal-Mart was selling the EXACT SHIRT SHE WAS WEARING, which she maintained that her mom bought for her at Neiman Marcus.


  6. LOL yep I work for a food broker and we all despise Wal-Mart! If I walk in with a Wal-Mart bag I would have my head cut off!

  7. Does Target have the same type of thing?

  8. Great question, Danielle. We all LOVE Target!

  9. Hey, my mom works for Wal-Mart so she and I shop there to utilize her employee discount. Does this make me the devil on this website? Perhaps! Do I care? Hardly ever, the devil that I am!

    I still find you pretty, however.

  10. The article I mentioned above said that the two groups who steal the most from Wal-Mart are professional shoplifters and its own employees. Hmm. I wonder why Wal-Mart’s employees steal so much from them? Maybe because they can’t make enough money working for them. If Wal-Mart would compensate its employees better, they probaby wouldn’t have so much loss.

  11. Sumo, thanks for that article. Liz is one of my idols. And I see her points, I do. My intention was not to incite a riot or blind adherence to my own preferences. 🙂


  13. Why is Target so much better? Don’t get me wrong, I love Target, but I don’t hate Walmart, just not my favorite place, that’s all.

  14. Last time I found myself in a Wal-Mart (*shiver*), they were handing out samples of advil or some other pain medication. Which is pretty indicative of how they must expect their customers to feel by the time they check out.

    And Christine, Wal-Mart is just evil. They prey on small communities and suck the life out of them. At least Target has a little bit (relatively) of class.

  15. In our city in MN Wal-Mart pays their employees better than Target and any of the grocery stores, by a couple dollars/hr. So I never really understand why people complain about that, unless they really don’t know. When you have 4 children, and one income Wal-Mart really does save us a ton! The Wal-Mart brand diaper alone has saved us hundreds! I’ve compared everything from shampoo to toilet paper, and Wal-Mart is always the lowest, sometimes by a couple dollars per item. (like shampoo/conditioner) Since Sam’s Club is the same company, are you against Sam’s too?

  16. I hate Walmart too. However, if they went out of business, I would have nowhere to shop. Amy said, “They prey on small communities and suck the life out of them.” Yeah, I live in one of those communities. In our family budget, Walmart gets its own category. Its the largest category after the mortgage. We buy EVERYTHING at Walmart simply because there are no other choices.

    I heart Target, but the closest one to me is nearly two hours away.

  17. I guess some people would think I don’t have principles, but my choice of where to shop is based almost entirely on price and convenience. I shop mostly at Target because it’s nearer, but about once a month I go to Walmart to buy the items that are cheapest there. My loyalty is to my family, not to a business of whatever size. My husband works hard for our living, and I’m going to spend our money as wisely as possible. Another thought–whether you like Walmart or not, the increased competition it brings keeps prices down at the stores you do shop.

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