Another Crocs deal (I’m sorry)

By Mir
July 17, 2006

It still pains me to tout the Crocs, what with them being… well… so ugly. I know they’re horrible. I do. And yet? I love mine. I don’t wear them very often, you understand, or, um, in public, really, but they are comfortable.

And I’m seeing them on kids, more and more. In fact, my kids are now asking for them. Still thinking about that one.

But check this out: Fogdog is running a special where Crocs are buy one, get one half price. Plus you get free shipping and free returns. Maybe you want some for your kids. Maybe you just have such rampant Crocs Love going on that you need a couple of pairs in different colors.

Or maybe you wish I’d just shut up about the ugly shoes, already. So. Um. Okay, then.


  1. i have the crocs love too, they are the best thing to ever happen to my feet. i wear them almost every day, work/play even in winter if the snow’s not over six inches (i have a pr with no holes). i am trying to resist the orange ones, thanks for the link!

  2. I saw these a lot when we went out of state a few months ago, but I have yet to see them very much here in California–so I guess I’m not very knowledgeable on the whole Crocs thing!

    My question is — don’t your feet sweat a lot in them? They remind me, material-wise, of the jelly shoes fad of the 1980’s….

  3. Susan: I was afraid of that, too. But they’re not plastic, or even rubber. I don’t know what they are. The closest thing I’ve felt is memory foam. Anyway, no, I don’t find myself sweating any more than usual. And the material is antimicrobial, so what little sweating I do have doesn’t result in any odor.

  4. Also on fogdogs you can sign up for their email alerts and they will send you a 10% off your next purchase code in a few days!

  5. I too am a croc lover – but my kids are even more croc lovers than I. They are fantastic kid shoes especially for the pool. They just slip on and no tying of laces. I went for th real crocs for them – no payless knock offs. REI had a sale last spring. We have got our money’s worth.
    Why is it that I just love ugly shoes… (birkenstocks, doc martens, jelly shoes, hirachis -in the 80’s – and so on)
    Sooner or later ugly shoes become oh so cute, then I can’t believe I wore them. : )

  6. i love my crocs…

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