Organic milk and more

By Mir
July 18, 2006

My very favorite dairy (local to me, but with products available across the U.S., I think) has all sorts of nifty resources.

Go to Stonyfield Farms and sign up for coupons, “Moosletters” and more. (Thanks, Anne!)

Stonyfield also hosts the Menu for Change resources, which should be required reading for any parent allowing her child to eat school lunch. (Yes, my local school administration hates me. Instead of “The sky is falling!” I run around screaming “There’s hormones in our milk!”)


  1. Crumbs. Their systems is not cow-mpatible with Macs so no coupons for me.

  2. I puffy heart this company. I eat their yogurt everyday and I recently had a fruit on the bottom sans fruit. I called to let them know and they showered my with free and discount coupons on all their products in return. All said I got 2 weeks worth of yogurt free/ discounted and yummy ice cream to boot! Oh, and it’s really good in the probiotic department.

  3. BOOOOOOO on them for being “non-cowmpatible” with Macs. i left a complaint, and so should Bridgett and anyone else with a Mac and an hankering for cheap yogurt. Maybe with some consumer peer pressure we can get them to update their couponing system. I have no idea of the inner workings of this type of thing, but how hard could it possibly be to add Mac compatibility?!

  4. I’m crying right now!

    This is the message I received:

    Attention Mac User

    We have noticed that you are using a Macintosh Computer. Unfortunately, our system is not “cow”mpatible with the Macintosh platform.

  5. Mir – You are looking exceptionally pretty today. You look maaaahvahlous! I love this company. And good for you for beating the drum about hormones in milk. You live near Stonyfield Farms? Man, you are lucky!!!

  6. Wah!! I have a mac too! How foolish of them not to be mac cowmpatible. I refused to shop the GAP website for the same reason, and I told them that.

    I live not far from Stonyfield. Too far for my husband to be able to apply for one of the jobs he sees listed there that he covets, sadly, but its within 50 miles. My daughter and her Dad eat their plain yogurt over organic oats and bananas for breakfast most mornings. I’m ruined…I can’t get a taste for plain yogurt outside of a nice raita sauce but my daughter has never had the stuff sweetened so she thinks its fab!

  7. Hey Mac users! I highly encourage you to write a friendly complaint to Stonyfield Farms. I did, and I got a prompt email back:

    Dear Laura,

    Our coupon program, when purchased was supposed to accommodate all types of
    systems. After installation, it was discovered that he did not accommodate
    Mac users. It was decided due to circumstances beyond our control with our
    provider and to the small number of Mac user that use our site that we
    would stay with our present program for now. We are currently looking for
    new options. I will place some coupons in the mail for you.

    Now, whoever is telling them that there is a “small number of Mac users” out there needs to be re-educated! If we can flood them with Mac user complaints (whilst getting our free coupons in the mail), maybe they’ll speed up the transfer process.

  8. Leave it to my pretty, pretty readers to work on rectifying this situation. No Mac compatibility! I’m shocked!! But as Laura says, their customer service is excellent. Please do write to complain (politely) and get your coupons… and also possibly get them to realize that they need to accommodate ALL users.

  9. Gee, I never thought to send this over here. Sorry about that… I love Stoneyfield (of course I am not one of the 1.94% MAC market).

    Also check out The Meatrix 2 ( for more on factory farming and rBGH.

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