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By Mir
July 19, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’ve got a few cool things for you to check out today; maybe you’ll find something you dig.

Nelements is a 3-dimensional note-taking tool. I suspect you have to be fairly organized for it to be useful, which means that I looked at it and then thought “too complicated,” but check it out. (Thanks, Zahid!)

Are you a Mac user? Check out this free pixel ruler for OSX. Maybe you can use it to measure your Nelements. (Thanks, Shiz!)

Need baby stuff, or have baby stuff you no longer need? Check out InfantExchange. Register and pay absolutely no fees through the end of the year. This is a newish site and I’ve not been seeing a ton of activity on it, but you may snag a great deal (or finally unload something you’ve been looking to lose). And it’s free (for now), so have at it. (Thanks, Marlon!)

TripHub is a fabulous resource for organizing a family vacation. From reservations to coordinating amongst a large group to travel tips, they’ve got it all. Darnit, someday I’m going to take a vacation. And I’m going to use TripHub. Provided that the shock of the actual vacation itself doesn’t kill me. (Thanks, Jocelyn!)

Lastly: speaking of vacations… have you had a chance to clicky-clicky over there in the sidebar to check out the “Good, Bad & Ugly” OurStory Contest? There are many fabulous prizes, like an all-expenses paid trip to BlogHer 2007, and Canon Elph cameras. Turn your vacation story into prizes!


  1. weird…that whole Nelements website is in Japanese!!!!

  2. Aaaaaack, that’s what I get for posting before my coffee. Sorry about that; the link is fixed.

  3. ur welcome Mir 🙂

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