Good deal on a clipper set

By Mir
August 8, 2006

Do you know how to cut hair? If you don’t, why not? It’s not particularly hard, and if you have a family you could be saving hundreds of dollars a year by being the resident barber.

If you have any men or boys in the fold, you’re going to want a reliable set of clippers. This clipper set by Conair not only has everything you could possibly need to begin your career as a stylist, it’s also cordless! That’s good news for anyone with squirmy little ones. (We won’t talk about the time I nearly strangled my son with the clipper cord….) At $10.93 with $.98 shipping, it’s a great deal. For less than the cost of a single kiddie haircut, you can say goodbye to Supercuts forever.

When you think about it that way? It goes all the way beyond bargain straight to blessing.


  1. Hey, you read my mind 🙂 I just started cutting my families hair last week with our new set of clippers and a really good pair of scissors, which were paid for after the first 3 haircuts in one night! Plus, can you believe my husband let me cut his hair after taking care of the kids – I was shocked but pleasantly surprise at how well everyone looks now (except me, can’t seem to cut my own :()

  2. “dual voltage ac adaptor”…does this mean I can use it here in Germany, too? My American laptop doesn’t need an adaptor…

  3. I LOVE this site and that being said, I don’t really recommend this clipper. We bought it at Costco for a great price, and it quickly got demoded to the dog’s clipper set. Perhaps it is my husband’s wiry, thick hair, or perhaps it is a cheap clipper…I’m not so sure.

    I have been cutting my husband’s hair for 12 years+ and now I cut my son’s as well. We got a Wahl set at Bed, Bath and Beyond (with their percent off coupon, of course!) and it’s great. It is a bit heavier in the hand, but it’s held up very well.

  4. I love this site too; it always has the best advice. I’m in college and I have helped my boyfriend cut his hair for the past year now. It’s so great to know we’re saving all that money from haircuts. 🙂

  5. Andrea,

    A Wahl set you recommend? I’ll keep my eye out for a discount on one of those, too, then. (Didn’t someone from the show ‘Home Improvement’do commercials for Wahl?) We’re looking to replace our crummy set with one that will last… 🙂

  6. Thanks, Mir. I took a chance on it. For the price, if I only use it a few times it’ll be worth it.

  7. Andrea: Your comment is duly noted. However, I find these things to be sort of hit-or-miss. I had a Wahl set that petered out after a couple of years (although I normally recommend them first!) and I currently have a Conair set that’s going strong but does, unfortunately, get pretty warm. I have to make sure to “rest” it before doing the final neck/ears clean-up lest my son complain that I’m burning him. IMHO this set is worth the cost just for the scissors and the cape, so if the clippers work at all I still consider it a bargain! 😉

  8. I’m definitely interested in learning to do this. My son’s haircut looks ridiculously simple to do, but I am really afraid of screwing it up an making him look like a freak. Do you have some directions for a “standary boy cut” i.e. short on the sides (done with clippers on a 4 guard), longer on the top (done w/scissors), and straight bangs in front.

  9. Thanks for this tip!! I have done my husband’s hair since before we were married (so our clippers are getting old) and I now do my son’s hair. Since my husband is in the military and has to have his hair neat the clippers sure do get a workout and we save a ton of money.

  10. My husband bought an Oster clipper set for around $30 six years ago and has used it every six weeks since. It has been unreliable for the past couple of cuts (I think there’s a loose wire), so we’re shopping for a new set. Although $12 sounds like a good deal, I refuse to buy something that might end up in a landfill in a few months. I’d rather spend $30 or $40 for something that will work for a few years.

  11. I just bought this set and cut my husband’s hair with it – I thought it worked fine, but I’ve only used it once so far.

  12. I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair with a 15+ year old Oster Dog Trimmer (heh) – we’ve been looking for a new clipper because his favorite sized comb broke. Also the Oster has been shorting out – I think it’s a problem with the switch. So thank you SO much for this tip – I’ve ordered it and can’t wait to give it a whirl!

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